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At Mike John's Imports, we offer comprehensive and specialized servicing for Mercedes vehicles to ensure they continue to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Our team of highly skilled technicians possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in handling the intricate engineering and advanced technology employed by Mercedes-Benz. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, we are dedicated to providing top-notch service that keeps your Mercedes operating at its peak performance.
Our Mercedes servicing covers a wide range of tasks, including regular maintenance such as oil changes, fluid checks, and tire rotations, all designed to maintain your Mercedes in optimal condition for smooth and efficient driving. We conduct thorough inspections using the latest Mercedes diagnostics equipment to precisely diagnose any issues, ensuring timely and accurate repairs. Whether it's addressing brake system repairs, transmission servicing, or electrical troubleshooting, our technicians have the specialized knowledge required to handle various Mercedes-specific components and systems, guaranteeing that your Mercedes remains safe and performs at its best.
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State of the art Mercedes Benz Diagnostics Technology

Having the latest Mercedes-Benz diagnostics equipment is paramount for providing efficient and precise servicing for your vehicle. At Mike John's Imports, we understand the intricate engineering and advanced technology integrated into Mercedes-Benz vehicles. With access to cutting-edge diagnostic scanners and specialized software, our highly skilled technicians can swiftly and accurately identify any potential issues within your Mercedes. This streamlined diagnostic process allows us to pinpoint problems with accuracy, eliminating the need for time-consuming trial and error. By quickly identifying the root cause of any potential concerns, we expedite the repair process, saving you valuable time and minimizing any disruption to your daily life. Furthermore, this advanced diagnostics equipment ensures that we can address issues promptly, preventing them from escalating into more significant and costly problems down the road.

In addition to saving time, having the latest Mercedes-Benz diagnostics equipment translates into substantial cost savings for our valued customers. Through precise and comprehensive diagnostics, we can detect and address minor issues before they escalate into major and costly repairs. Early detection of potential problems allows us to perform the necessary maintenance and repairs promptly, preventing further damage and reducing the overall repair expenses. Moreover, the advanced tools enable us to identify the exact components that require attention, preventing unnecessary part replacements and potential wasted expenses. By using the latest Mercedes-Benz diagnostics equipment, we can efficiently resolve issues, minimize repair costs, and keep your Mercedes performing at its best. This proactive approach to servicing not only ensures your safety and peace of mind but also preserves the long-term value and reliability of your cherished Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Why our clients choose us

John Lynch
First time to use them very much sat satisfied in and out when they said, I would be all personnel very friendly and knowledgeable about my mini Cooper will definitely use them again the 100 mile drive is really worth it John, Danville, Kentucky
Derrick Jones
Said it would take a few days to get done, was able to get it taken care of in 1 1/2 days instead🔥 I have been here before with my 3 series. This was my first time bringing in my f02 7 series. I learned a lot more about my car just from them being able to take a look at it haha. Before it was driving like it was congested, and running on 6 cylinders. Now it sounds louder, shifts faster, and can breathe so much better. 10/10 would recommend 💪🏽
I was looking for a place other than the dealership to service my BMW X3. After reading the google reviews for Mike Johns Imports I decided to try them out. Let me just say they live up to their 5 star google review. They’re professional, friendly and provide excellent customer service.
Steven Langdon
They are magnificent! I love that I can use a loaner vehicle while my car is being service. They accommodated to all the needs; so I would not miss any work days or tennis matches that my daughter plays. Thanks very much!
E Phillips
I found Mike Johns imports online when we purchased a Mini Cooper through a online service and needed to get the vehicle inspected before our 7 day window for returning was up. They were able to get us scheduled immediately and gave a through, detailed list of all items needing to be fixed in order for our car to be deemed a good purchase. They were willing and able to work with the warranty company to get all those items covered for repair with very little out of pocket cost to our family, which we were beyond appreciative of them doing. Sam is amazing and shows that he loves his job.He is happy to answer any and all questions we had about the process of getting our car fixed. Highly recommended.
Frank Glover II
Their stated moto is "honesty and integrity with the best trained technicians ". So far that has been true. Took my car and gave me a real assessment. I have a two post lift in my garage and normally do this type of work myself, however I am too busy this month. The things their inspection found were issues I was aware of and a couple I suspected. Prices are better than dealer. I know they used to be BMW certified, can't imagine they no longer are.
Kyler Hagan
I cannot say enough good things about this business! Paul, Sam, and Brad were so patient and helped me out so much! I had to get my BMW towed there and they offered me a loaner while it was getting fixed! They are super nice and will bend over backwards for their customers! Mike John’s is definitely the only place I’ll take my car in the Louisville area, no doubt! I highly recommend!
Amanda Harper
I was referred to Mike Johns from a friend and after wasting my money at the dealer I wish I had known about Mike Johns sooner. Not only were they super accommodating to my schedule but the work was flawless. They communicate thoroughly with no surprises. They fixed everything the BMW dealership messed up and made my sons car safe and road ready. The prices are very fair and the staff is second to none! I will definitely be using them for all of my BMW repairs! Huge thank you to Paul and his son for everything! You all are awesome!
Whitney Pitman
I had an excellent experience. The staff was knowledgeable, kind and took time to explain processes. The shop was well maintained and very clean. Pricing was also fair and cheaper than other local shops. I’ll definitely return for all of my BMW needs.
Mercedes Benz Motor and Transmission Repair

Servicing Mercedes-Benz motors and transmissions requires specialized expertise, tools, and equipment due to the unique engineering and technology employed by Mercedes-Benz in these components. Mercedes-Benz motors are renowned for their precision engineering and high-performance capabilities. They often feature advanced technologies like turbocharging, direct injection, and variable valve timing, demanding specialized knowledge for proper maintenance and repairs. The complex design and integration of these components necessitate technicians who are well-versed in Mercedes-Benz's specific motor systems.

Similarly, Mercedes-Benz transmissions are engineered with sophistication to deliver smooth and responsive shifts. Many Mercedes-Benz models feature advanced transmission technology, such as 9G-TRONIC or AMG SPEEDSHIFT, demanding in-depth understanding and access to specialized diagnostic tools for optimal functioning. Properly servicing these transmissions ensures that they operate flawlessly, enhancing driving pleasure.

At Mike John's Imports, our team of highly skilled technicians possesses the expertise and experience to handle Mercedes-Benz motors and transmissions with precision. We are familiar with the intricacies of Mercedes-Benz's advanced motor and transmission systems, allowing us to accurately diagnose issues and perform meticulous repairs or maintenance.

By choosing a specialized service center like Mike John's Imports for your Mercedes-Benz motors and transmissions, you can trust that your vehicle receives the specialized care and attention it deserves. Our commitment to using the highest quality parts and adhering to manufacturer guidelines ensures that your Mercedes-Benz's motor and transmission continue to operate at their best, maintaining the exceptional driving experience that Mercedes-Benz is renowned for.

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Mercedes Benz Scheduled Maintenance

Maintaining the recommended Mercedes A and B services is crucial for several reasons, all of which contribute to the long-term performance, reliability, and safety of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Mercedes A and B services are two types of scheduled maintenance services recommended by Mercedes-Benz for their vehicles. These services are essential to keep the vehicle operating at its best and are designed to address specific maintenance needs at different intervals.

  1. Mercedes A Service: The A Service typically occurs at around 10,000 miles or 1 year after the previous service, whichever comes first. It includes a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle's major components and systems. During the A Service, the technician will check and replace the engine oil and filter, perform a fluid level check and top-up, inspect the tire condition and pressure, and check and adjust various systems like the brakes, suspension, lights, and windshield wipers. The A Service ensures that your Mercedes-Benz remains in optimal condition and addresses any minor issues that may have arisen since the previous service.
  2. Mercedes B Service: The B Service typically occurs at around 20,000 miles or 2 years after the previous service, whichever comes first. It includes all the components of the A Service and adds additional checks and replacements. During the B Service, the technician will perform more extensive inspections, including checking and replacing the cabin air filter and the engine air filter. They will also inspect and adjust additional components like the fuel system, belts, hoses, and additional suspension components. The B Service is more comprehensive and ensures that your Mercedes-Benz receives a thorough maintenance check to keep it running smoothly and safely.

Following the recommended A and B services is essential to keep your Mercedes-Benz vehicle in optimal condition. Regular maintenance ensures that your vehicle continues to perform at its best, maintains its power, efficiency, and overall driving dynamics, and helps prevent major breakdowns and costly repairs. By adhering to these service intervals, you can enjoy a reliable, high-performance driving experience with your Mercedes-Benz for many years to come.

Here are some of the benefits to following the recommended Mercedes Benz service schedule:

  1. Optimal Performance: Mercedes-Benz vehicles are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional driving experiences. The A and B services are designed to address specific maintenance needs at different intervals, ensuring that your Mercedes-Benz continues to perform at its best, maintaining its power, efficiency, and overall driving dynamics.
  2. Manufacturer Guidelines: The A and B services are outlined by Mercedes-Benz based on specific mileage and time intervals. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that your vehicle receives the necessary inspections, fluid changes, and component checks required to keep it operating at its peak performance.
  3. Enhanced Longevity: Consistent A and B services help prevent wear and tear, reducing the risk of major breakdowns and costly repairs. Addressing maintenance needs regularly can extend the lifespan of critical components and avoid premature part failures.
  4. Safety: The A and B services include comprehensive inspections of crucial systems like brakes, tires, suspension, and more. Ensuring that these systems are in optimal condition enhances your safety on the road.
  5. Resale Value: Keeping up with the A and B services can positively impact the resale value of your Mercedes-Benz. A well-documented service history demonstrates to potential buyers that the vehicle has been diligently maintained.
  6. Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: Regular maintenance during the A and B services, such as oil changes and filter replacements, can improve fuel efficiency, saving you money at the pump and reducing your environmental impact.
  7. Diagnosing Hidden Problems: The A and B services involve thorough inspections by our skilled technicians, uncovering potential issues not immediately noticeable to the driver. Addressing these problems early can prevent more significant and costly repairs down the road.

At Mike John's Imports, we understand the importance of following the Mercedes A and B services. Our team of highly skilled technicians is well-versed in Mercedes-Benz's specific maintenance requirements, providing expert service to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. By staying on top of the A and B services, you can enjoy a reliable, high-performance driving experience with your Mercedes-Benz for many years to come.

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Mercedes Benz Tires and Suspension

Selecting the ideal tires for Mercedes-Benz vehicles is crucial as the right tires significantly impact traction, handling, and the overall driving experience. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are engineered for high-performance driving, and it is essential for the tires to match the manufacturer's specifications to ensure optimal grip and responsiveness. Different Mercedes-Benz models may require specific tire sizes, speed ratings, and tread patterns, making it vital to have specialists who comprehend these requirements when selecting the most suitable tires for each vehicle.

Servicing Mercedes-Benz suspensions also demands specialized expertise due to the advanced suspension technology employed by Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz suspensions are meticulously designed to strike a perfect balance between comfort and dynamic handling. They often incorporate features like AIRMATIC air suspension or adaptive damping systems, allowing drivers to adjust suspension settings to suit various driving conditions. Properly servicing these sophisticated suspension systems requires technicians who understand the intricacies of Mercedes-Benz's suspension technology and can accurately diagnose and address any issues affecting the vehicle's ride quality and handling.

At Mike John's Imports, our team of highly skilled technicians possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in selecting the best tires for Mercedes-Benz vehicles and providing top-notch suspension services. We understand the unique requirements of Mercedes-Benz models and prioritize using high-quality tires that meet the manufacturer's specifications. When servicing Mercedes-Benz suspensions, we utilize specialized diagnostic tools and access to genuine Mercedes-Benz parts to ensure precise repairs and adjustments.

By choosing Mike John's Imports for tire selection and suspension service, you can have confidence that your Mercedes-Benz will receive the attention and care it deserves. Our dedication to excellence and specialized expertise in these areas will help maintain the performance, safety, and overall driving pleasure of your Mercedes-Benz on every road.

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Mercedes Benz Mechanical and Electrical Service

When it comes to mechanical and electrical repairs for your Mercedes-Benz, you can trust Mike John's Imports, a reputable choice with a proven track record. Our team of highly skilled technicians has extensive experience in addressing various issues specific to Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

For mechanical repairs, we handle everything from engine overhauls to transmission servicing, ensuring that your Mercedes-Benz's mechanical components receive expert attention and care.

When it comes to electrical repairs, we excel in diagnosing complex problems, such as faulty sensors or malfunctioning electronic modules. Troubleshooting Mercedes-Benz electrical control systems is a specialized process that demands a deep understanding of the intricate electronic systems present in these vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are equipped with advanced electrical control systems that govern various functions, including engine management, transmission, infotainment, and safety features. What makes troubleshooting unique is the complexity of these systems and the interconnectivity between various electronic modules.

Specialized diagnostic tools and software are required for effective troubleshooting of Mercedes-Benz electrical control systems. At Mike John's Imports, we have access to the latest Mercedes-Benz diagnostic equipment, including advanced diagnostic scanners. These tools allow our technicians to access the vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU), Transmission Control Unit (TCU), and other electronic modules to retrieve fault codes, view live data, and perform various system tests.

Additionally, we utilize official Mercedes-Benz diagnostic software, providing comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, access to technical information, and the ability to perform coding and programming for specific vehicle modules. This ensures that we can accurately diagnose complex electrical issues and perform precise repairs, keeping your Mercedes-Benz's electronic systems operating at their best.

Our commitment to using the latest diagnostic tools and software, combined with our in-depth knowledge of Mercedes-Benz electrical control systems, guarantees that your vehicle receives the expert attention and care it deserves. Choosing a specialized service center like Mike John's Imports ensures that your Mercedes-Benz's electrical control systems are in the hands of skilled professionals, providing you with a reliable and enjoyable driving experience.

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Mercedes Benz Brake System Repair and Service

Servicing Mercedes-Benz brake systems demands a specialized approach due to the unique engineering and advanced technology employed by Mercedes-Benz in these critical components. Mercedes-Benz brake systems are designed with precision and incorporate innovative features, such as advanced brake assist systems and electronic stability control. These systems work together to provide exceptional braking performance and enhance overall driving safety.

At Mike John's Imports, our team of highly skilled technicians possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in working with Mercedes-Benz brake systems. We understand the intricacies of these advanced systems, from sophisticated ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) to electronic brake force distribution (EBD) technology. Our specialized diagnostic tools and access to genuine Mercedes-Benz parts allow us to accurately diagnose any brake-related issues and perform precise repairs or replacements.

By choosing Mike John's Imports for your Mercedes-Benz brake service, you can trust that your vehicle's brake system will receive the meticulous care and technical expertise it deserves. Our commitment to using the highest quality parts and adhering to manufacturer guidelines ensures that your Mercedes-Benz's brake system remains in optimal condition, providing reliable and safe braking performance.

With our expertise in Mercedes-Benz brake systems, we strive to deliver exceptional service and maintain the integrity of your vehicle's braking system, providing you with the confidence and peace of mind for a smooth and secure driving experience.

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