Louisville’s Top-Rated BMW Suspension Repair & Service Shop

BMW is well-known for continuous breakthroughs in suspension & steering system design, but it doesn’t mean that your vehicle’s suspension parts will never wear out. If you are experiencing any shake, vibration, or shimmy while driving or if your tires are wearing out too fast, you may need the BMW Suspension Repair service at MJI. Tire defects, blown shocks, torn rubber bushings, and bent control arms are common with our poorly maintained roads. In addition to poor driving performance, these worn or damaged parts can cause your vehicle to be unsafe and lose its driving predictability. The BMW Suspension Repair service at MJI can quickly diagnose bent components, unable to be recognized by sight. MJI uses high definition cameras on our BMW KDS Alignment equipment, and performs a comprehensive wear and looseness inspection to stop these components from ruining your day. In addition, we can diagnose bent wheels and tire abnormalities with our state of the art road force tire equipment. When your vehicle leaves MJI ,with recommended repairs in place, it will drive like new again. More importantly your BMW will drive like a BMW again. Thank you for choosing the BMW Suspension Repair service at MJI. CONTACT US today for a reasonable price!