Signs of Window Regulator Failure in Your Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Power Window Button Delay

Mini Coopers are well-built cars that are fun to zip around in, but occasionally you may experience an issue with the window regulator. The window regulator is a component located inside each door panel that opens and closes the window. It is part of the assembly that also includes the window and the window tracks.

Over time, frequent use and extreme weather can both wear down and strain the regulator and cause it to malfunction. If you suspect that your window regulator may be failing, read on to learn how to troubleshoot the problem and to take the steps necessary to make sure you don’t get stuck far from home with the window up, down, or somewhere in between.

Why do window regulators fail?

If you treat your Mini Cooper well for as long as you own it, there’s a good chance each window regulator and its components will last the life of the car. The main reason why a window regulator might fail or break prematurely, however, is if you try to open or close the window when the glass is immobile. Melting snow or freezing rain will likely seal the window in place during a storm, and if you attempt to use the power windows to lower or raise the window at this time, the regulator may strain too much and break.

Pushing down on the window glass with your hand to make the regulator work faster will create the same amount of strain. Likewise, exposure to extreme heat plus frequent use may also cause the components inside the door panel to wear out early. The best approach you can take is to garage your vehicle during inclement weather or make sure the windows are properly thawed before attempting to raise or lower them.

Window Regulator Failure Warning Signs

These are a few indicators that your window regulator, the components, or the power window itself may be failing or broken:

  • Power Window Button Delay: You need to push the power window button several times to make the window glass go up or down.
  • Clicking Noise: You can hear a clicking noise inside the door panel every time you push the button.
  • Window Regulator Speed: The window doesn’t move up or down as fast as normal.
  • Loose or Crooked Window: The window rises or lowers unevenly or crookedly, it is visibly loose, or you can easily move the window around with your hand.
  • Total Failure: Nothing happens when you push the power window button.

If you discover any of the issues above, don’t hesitate to get the problem inspected. Your window could end up getting stuck in the down position when there is cold or inclement weather. Conversely, you may not be able to lower it when you need to go through a drive thru window, cool off, or to pay a toll.

Repairing or Replacing Your Window Regulator

Window regulators for power windows are much more complicated than vehicles with hand-crank windows, and it’s important to isolate the problem and determine if this is a regulator problem or a power relay issue. Occasionally an electrical problem can be fixed without even dismantling the door panel.

It is strongly encouraged that instead of attempting this repair on your own, you seek out trained and experienced technicians so you know the source of the problem is properly identified and the repair is thoroughly done. As this is an electrical unit, you don’t want to jeopardize your safety by fiddling with it.

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