Reasons Behind Throttle Valve Failure in a Mini from Certified Mechanics in Louisville

MINI Throttle Valve

A throttle valve is a device found within the throttle body of an engine. The throttle body is responsible for controlling the flow of fluids by constriction. The throttle valve, also known as a butterfly valve in an engine with a carburetor, controls the amount of air let into the engine. Thus, integral in the air/fuel intake system.

The throttle valve spring determines the position of the throttle valve at idle. Air flows into the engine based on if the valve is open or closed. The further the throttle is pressed, the more air gets into the engine.

Mini brand vehicles may develop problems within the throttle body, specifically with the throttle valve. This is key in the process of keeping the engine running smoothly. Below, we will discuss more about what the throttle valve is and signs to look out for.

Common Causes of Throttle Valve Failure

There are many key factors in the process of air/fuel flowing to the engine. If one part fails, the entire engine could fail. One of the most common causes of a failed throttle valve is:

  • Internal contamination: The buildup of contamination within the throttle body does not allow the throttle valve to move as it should. In turn, this creates a problem with the control of the air supply to the engine. An off-balanced air/fuel ratio leads to an improperly functioning engine.
  • Vacuum leak: A vacuum leak allows unregulated air to be sucked into the engine. In doing so, the total amount of air being sucked into the engine does not correspond with the position of the throttle valve causing it to fail.

Warning Signs

Just as with any part of your Mini, there are warning signs that a problem is occurring or has occurred within the vehicle. There are a few telltale signs that something is malfunctioning and needs to be examined closer by a professional. These include:

  • a poorly running engine
  • a stalled engine
  • an illuminated check engine light

All warning signs are directly correlated to the engine due to the throttle valve directly affecting the engine’s function. The engine may run poorly or even stall, potentially leaving you stranded because the air-to-fuel system ratio must be accurately calculated by the throttle valve.

Repairing the Throttle Valve

At Mike Johns Imports, we are a full-service BMW & Mini facility. Our 16,000 sq. ft. repair space is in Jeffersonville, IN. We are fully staffed with highly trained mechanics who have serviced thousands of vehicles around the Crestwood, HurstBourne,  Jeffersontown,  Louisville, St. Matthews, and Jeffersonville, IN area.

In 2011, Mike Johns Imports was acquired by Bryan Warman and Daniel Allan upon the retirement of the previous owners. They immediately began updating the shop and equipment to become the nation’s best BMW and MINI repair shop.

We repair and service many parts of your vehicle including:

Mike Johns Imports offers a convenient financing option to ensure your repairs are able to be completed before leading to further damage. MINI Throttle Valve Cleaning Our financing is easy, fast, and secure. Begin by filling out an application, wait for a quick decision, then schedule your repairs.

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At Mike Johns Imports, we fix current issues with your car and guarantee to find any developing problems that may occur later. Our goal is to have you leave our auto repair shop each time with a vehicle in like-new condition. Do not wait until a problem arises or worsens, call today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to helping you with all your car care needs.

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