Reasons Behind Rear Differential Leak in Your BMW

BMW Differential

Driving a BMW is an experience that you enjoy every single time you get in it. In order to keep it that way, you know that your BMW requires the proper maintenance schedule so it will continue to perform at the optimal level. One function that is necessary for your BMW to function properly is the rear differential.

The rear differential controls the rear wheels and needs to be in the best condition possible. One issue to be aware of that can occur to the rear differential is a leak. Below, you will find out more about the function of the rear differential and what signs to look for that will indicate a leak.

Function of the Rear Differential

The rear differential is the part in your BMW that takes the torque from the engine and divides it to the left and right wheels. When the torque is split to both wheels, they will be able to spin at different speeds. Your BMW will require the rear wheels to spin at different speeds when you are turning. For example, if you are making a left-hand turn, the right rear wheel will need to go faster because the distance traveled is greater than that of the left. So the rear differential is responsible for ensuring that the wheels have the proper amounts of torque. If you have a newer BMW, then the amount of torque required will be determined by the electronic sensors that monitor the rear differential.

Rear Differential Leaks Caused by Failed Gasket

The rear differential requires gear oil in order to function smoothly. The gear oil is kept in place by a gasket, and if this gasket has failed, then rear differential leaks will occur. The most common indicator of a rear differential leak is puddles of fluid underneath your BMW. Due to the fact that there are different types of oil used in your BMW, it is beneficial to take note of where the puddle is in relation to your BMW. This means that if you notice a puddle under the front part of your vehicle, then it is not coming from the rear differential.

A second indicator that you can look for is oil on the differential itself. Once the leak begins, it will be small. So there will be trace amounts of oils on all parts of the rear differential. The gear oil on the parts will look almost like dew. If these dew like drops do not go away with time, then you will know that you are facing a leak in the rear differential. This small leak or seeping is fine to drive with for a short period of time but should be addressed before it becomes a larger issue.

A third symptom that you can look for if you think that your BMW has a rear differential leak is whining or howling sounds. These sounds are produced when the rear differential gears have a lack of lubrication. Once there is a rear differential leak, the gears and other differential parts will not be able to mesh smoothly together because there is no lubricate to help with the process. This constant dry grinding of the gears will accelerate the wear and tear process so your BMW will require new parts, leading to further maintenance and repairs.

Repairing a Rear Differential Leak

Your BMW needs to have a consistent maintenance and repair schedule. Part of the schedule is addressing any issues that may arise. This includes BMW Mechanic Pouring Gear Oil addressing a leak in the rear differential.

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