Louisville’s Trusted Service Center for Mini Cooper Check Engine Light

Mini Cooper is not only quite capable of self-adjusting parameters used to optimize the whole systems, but also runs many complex diagnostic algorithms to identify potential issues in advance. That being said, the “check engine” light is especially important to any Mini Cooper owner since it indicates something is currently wrong with your vehicle. When it comes to the Mini Cooper Check Engine Light service, our experts use specialized computers to scan all control units in your vehicle, review any fault codes present and then conduct other inspections to pinpoint the issue and the extent of the failures. Meanwhile, our enthusiastic service staff will explain to you the system, how it has failed, and what to expect if left to be repaired. With years of experience dealing with various Mini Cooper’s issues, MJI  highly recommends car owners bring their automobiles to our repair shop whenever this “check engine” light is on. The longer the light is on the more damage will occur. A check engine light could be transmission related as well which means if left unattended transmission damage could occur. There are other reasons to address a check engine light as well, including poor fuel mileage and increased environmentally damaging emissions from the tailpipe. Thank you for choosing the Mini Cooper Check Engine Light service at MJI. CONTACT US today for a reasonable price!