Indications that Your BMW’s HPFP is Failing

BMW HPFP Failure

The technology that has progressed in cars over the last couple of decades has made them perform better and more reliably than vehicles of the past. The High-Pressure Fuel Pump, or HPFP, on a BMW is one of these progressions in automotive design.

Designed with fuel injectors in mind, the HPFP is essential to your BMW’s ability to run and perform as you expect. Knowing how a malfunctioning HPFP affects your BMW is crucial if yours begins to fail. Let’s dig deeper into how your BMW will behave when its HPFP becomes faulty and what to do about it.

The Reason for a High-Pressure Fuel Pump

Before fuel injection systems were designed and installed on modern cars, they mainly used a carburetor to regulate how much fuel went to the car’s cylinders. It was determined that with the advent of the fuel injection system, a normal low-pressure fuel pump did not have enough pressure to pump fuel into it efficiently.

With the fuel injectors atomizing the fuel needed within the cylinders, the HPFPs solved this problem. Next, let’s take a look at what happens when an HPFP becomes faulty.

Signs of a High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure

If your high HPFP completely fails, your BMW has a safety feature called limp mode, keeping your car running on the low-pressure fuel pump to allow you to get to a repair shop. However, don’t expect to do much more than this, as being in limp mode will only allow you to drive around thirty to forty miles an hour tops.

Before the complete failure of your BMWs HPFP, there will be signs it is failing like these below:

  • Engine sputtering: When you press on the accelerator to gain a higher speed, a failing HPFP can malfunction and cause your BMW to sputter.
  • Poor acceleration: Without the HPFP, your car cannot accelerate as it is designed.
  • Lean misfires: Although not common with the built-in limp mode, there is the possibility of your BMW not having enough fuel at times to perform. This can lead to misfires in the cylinders.

Causes of High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure

While HPFPs fail over time from wear, there are a couple of issues that can affect them.

  • Using the wrong oil: You may be asking yourself: what does the oil have to do with the fuel system? The oil designated for you BMW is designed to keep the moving parts of our engine working smoothly. If anything begins to affect their efficiency, the car will struggle to compensate. One way the BMW will compensate is to send even more high-pressure fuel to make up for the engine’s lost ability. This will cause your HPFP to wear prematurely.
  • Skipping scheduled service: When manufacturers recommended services are skipped, a technician cannot catch root causes that lead to your BMWs components failing.

What to Do if You Experience HPFP Signs of Failure

The BMW engine design is one of advanced technology. Having just anyone with a repair shop is not recommended to make the repairs. Without the proper equipment and tools to change out a high-pressure fuel pump, damage can result in other components, or the job may not be performed to last.

Make sure to bring your BMW to a repair shop with the experience, training, and knowledge needed to complete the task right the first time. Service technicians need to have a minimum ASE certification and have spent time completing professional servicing on BMWs and other high-performing imports.

Just as important are the tools and equipment these certified technicians use. The HPFP on most foreign cars such as a Volkswagen and the BMW have special Torx style bolts that require a special tool that many shops don’t have. Even more importantly, the repair shop needs state-of-the-art equipment to take on the advanced technology of a BMW and provide the right diagnosis.

Where to Bring Your BMW for a Failed HPFP

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