What To Do If Your MINI Has Drifting Issues

Published on
July 26, 2023
James Smith
Service Center
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Your MINI is designed for safety, reliability, and fun for the driver behind the wheel. It is also engineered to keep you in your proper lane while driving. Your steering column, wheels, tires, and suspension all play major roles in how you control your vehicle. If anything in this system begins to malfunction, it can cause your car to drift.

If your car is drifting, you may notice your steering wheel remains straight but your MINI drifts to one side. Conversely, you may have to keep your steering wheel turned slightly to maintain your car on a straight trajectory. This is no only unsafe for you and your passengers, but it also means there is something wrong mechanically with your MINI. Let’s take a closer look into this problem and discuss the reasons why your car is not staying in lane.

Common Causes of Drifting in your MINI Cooper

The following are the most common reasons why your MINI is drifting when you are driving:

  • Low Tire Pressure: When the pressure in the tire of your MINI is low, your car may pull quickly when you step on the gas. Not only does low pressure cause drifting, it is very dangerous, as the tire may burst and cause an accident. Low pressure is visibly evident by a bulge at the bottom of the tire.
  • Wheel Alignment: When the wheel of your MINI is not aligned properly, you will notice that your car will constantly drift from the straight line it is supposed to move on. You can easily detect when your MINI wheel is misaligned. The steering wheel may be crooked when you drive straight. Also, when your step on the brake, the car may vibrate or your wheels may squeal.
  • Uneven Pressure in Tires: When you drive your MINI with an uneven pressure in the tires, your car may drift. Your tires have a specific pressure designated to ensure your MINI drives and performs properly. If the air in your tire is not enough, or if it is overinflated, it can cause safety problems. If you need your vehicle’s tire pressures checked, bring it to our trusted service center.
  • Brake Problems: If the rotors or brake pad of your MINI wears out, the braking power distribution in your car will be greatly affected. When this happens, your car may pull to one side, depending on which brake is faulty.
  • Uneven Tire Wear: Uneven wear of your tires will cause them to have an irregular shape. Uneven wear is usually caused by misaligned wheels, low or uneven pressure, and unbalanced weight distribution.

How to Prevent your MINI from Drifting

Drifting is very dangerous for you and everyone around your car. The best way to prevent it is to regularly service your MINI and correct any impending issues before they become very severe. If you drive your MINI daily, you must pay attention to the causes of drifting and know how to avoid them. Your tire should be regularly checked and put in the right working condition. The tires should be replaced once you notice wear.

Mike Johns Import: MINI Experts at Your Service

The prevalent cause of drifting issues in your MINI are tire problems. For this reason,

Mini Cooper Wheel Alignment

your tires should be well taken care of and regularly checked by our professional mechanics.

At Mike Johns Import, we provide the best care your tires need! We will check and ensure proper pressure in your tire and check for wear and tear. We will also carry out an inspection on your car and fix any other issues in the car.

We have a team of professional ASE-certified mechanics who will inspect, diagnose, and repair any problem to keep you safe on the road and your MINI in top condition. Our mechanics make use of the latest factory-grade tools and equipment to provide the trusted services Mike Johns Import is widely known to provide.

Mike Johns Import is conveniently located for clients in the areas of Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, Jeffersonville, Louisville, and St. Matthews. We look forward to maintaining your MINI in its top condition for your pleasure and safety. Call us today!