Dealing With BMW Oil Cooler Gasket Issues

Published on
August 14, 2023
Mike Johns Imports
Mike Johns Imports
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Dealing With BMW Oil Cooler Gasket Issues

The function of your BMW’s oil cooler is to work as a water-to-oil heat exchange. It uses the engine’s cooling system to remove excess heat from the engine oil. The cooler is supplied with engine oil from an adapter located between the engine block and oil filter. Engine oil circulates into the cooler where coolant from the radiator system creates cooling conditions similar to home air conditioning units.

The oil cooler has 2 gaskets connecting the oil line to the oil cooler and returning oil to the motor. One gasket seals the oil cooler to the engine block, while the other seals the oil filter to the adapter. Worn gaskets on either end can cause oil leaks.

Recognizing a Bad Oil Cooler Gasket

Several signs might indicate a problem with your oil cooler gasket. While this information can guide you, seeking expert advice for BMW issues is crucial to avoid misdiagnosis and potential engine damage.

Decreased Engine Performance

Worn or damaged oil cooler gaskets lead to declining engine performance. Acceleration weakens, and maximum speed may drop. Inadequate cooling due to insufficient oil flow causes the engine to generate higher temperatures.

Black Smoke

Thick, black exhaust smoke requires urgent attention, as it's toxic and signifies severe engine issues. Turning off your BMW upon noticing this smoke can prevent irreparable engine damage.


A damaged oil cooler gasket might cause engine vibrations. Since vibrations can have various causes, professional assistance is necessary for accurate diagnosis.

Distended Radiator

This symptom indicates damage to the oil cooler or its gaskets. Stress beyond factory specifications can distort the radiator, potentially causing fin rupture.

Trusted Repair of your BMW’s Oil Cooler Gasket

Avoid driving your vehicle when suspecting oil cooler gasket issues to prevent further damage. Turn off your vehicle and arrange a tow or visit the nearest Mike John Imports for service.

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