Blinking Check Engine Light in Your BMW: Get it Fixed By the Experts in Jeffersonville

BMW Check Engine Light

BMW has developed their cars in a way to rarely fail their drivers. However, should a problem occur, your BMW has a variety of safety and warning systems in place to prevent accidents and further damage. One such warning is the illumination of the check engine light. In this article, we will look at how the light works, what different lights mean, discuss the causes of illumination, and learn how the issue is fixed.

How does the check engine light work?

The official name for the part most commonly just called the check engine light is the Engine Management Light, or EML for short. This light is designed not to inform you of a specific part failure, but instead tells you there is an issue with one of the systems which is connected to your engine and exhaust systems.

The engine management light is connected to your BMW’s main computer, the ECU, and if the ECU notices that there are errors or issues in the performance of one of the systems connected to the engine or exhaust, it will trigger the EML to light up.

Different Colors, Different Warnings

Most modern cars have multiple engine light display options which can indicate to drivers the severity of the issue you’re facing. These lights can also blink too. To know accurately how the check engine light works for your specific BMW model, you should check your vehicle’s handbook. As a general rule of thumb, the different lights are as follows:

1. Amber EML

This is the least severe illumination and should be seen as an advisory warning that the ECU has detected an issue. This light means that, technically, your BMW is still safe to drive but should be taken into a professional BMW repair shop for diagnostics at your earliest convenience to prevent the issue from becoming more severe or causing more damage.

2. Flashing Amber EML

A blinking or flashing EML usually informs the driver of engine misfires, which can leave your driving performance lowered and your BMW running rough. Ignoring this warning can cause the catalytic converter to become damaged. This would be an expensive repair, so attention to this needs a quick response to avoid the worst. You should lower your speed and drive to your nearest repair shop.

3. Red EML

This denotes the most serious of engine issues and will require you to stop your BMW as soon as it is safe to do so to prevent catastrophic engine damage. Do not try to drive your car to a repair shop. Stop and call roadside assistance for a tow.

Diagnosing the Problem

While fixing your BMW will depend upon the type of issue, the first step that any good mechanic will do will be to diagnose the problem. This is done by using a diagnostic instrument called a diagnostic reader. It is plugged into your BMW’s data port, which is called the OBD-II, or OBD-I in older models. When your BMW’s ECU detects a problem and triggers the EML, it will also send out a specific error code which describes the issue it has detected. The reader is able to translate these error codes into usable information, which reveals the specific nature of the problem your BMW faces. This allows mechanics to respond efficiently and accordingly with the proper repairs.

Common Causes of EML Illumination

  • MAF Sensor Faults
  • O2 Sensor Faults
  • EGR Valve Faults
  • Vacuum Hose Leaks
  • Ignition System Failure
  • Fuel Injector Blockages
  • Fuel Pump Blockages
  • Catalytic Converter Contamination
  • Soot on the Particulate Filter
  • Loose Fuel Cap
  • False Readings/Warnings
  • Driver Error

Mike John’s Imports

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