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For decades, BMW has paved the way in luxury motoring, offering a combination of classic luxury design and intelligent forward engineering that keeps its cars at the very cutting edge of motoring. One such system that epitomizes this is the VANOS system. It was created by BMW in the 1990s and revolutionized how driving felt. Driving became smoother yet still exciting. This technology put BMW on the map as one of the most beloved manufacturers world-wide.

Therefore, this article will aim to take a closer look at the remarkable VANOS system, as we learn what it is and what it does, as well as the best way to care for such an intelligent and well engineered system.

VANOS: A Closer Look

We can all agree that “VAriable NOckenwellen Steuerung” isn’t as catchy or exciting as its more familiar acronym: VANOS. So what is the VANOS system and what does it do for a BMW model?

Introduced in 1992, the VANOS system is BMW’s take on the engine’s Variable Valve Timing unit, often just called VVT. This system is intended to improve engine performance, as it modifies the engine’s intake and exhaust valves, giving them the ability to open and close in response to the way that you drive. This creates a smoother, more streamlined driving experience.

In addition to this, the VANOS system is able to offer a smoother-feeling idle and can also give marked increase in torque and a more elastic powerband. By including solenoids, the VANOS system can also control the oil flow to the cam gear, which ensures that timing adjustments are made with greater accuracy.

Single, Double, and Valvetronic

Since its advent, there are 3 types of VANOS system produced by BMW. They are known as the single, double, and double VANOS with Valvetronic. Each system operates slightly differently and are featured in the following BMW models:

Single VANOS (the oldest iteration) is featured in:

1992-2000 in 6-cylinder M50, M52, & S52 engines

1999-2002 in V8 M62TU engines

Double VANOS (phased out in 2015) is featured in:

1999-2005 in 6-cylinder M52 TU, M54, & S54 engines

2004-2010 in 6-cylinder N54

Double VANOS with Valvetronic (the latest development) is featured in:

2004-2010 in 6-cylinder N52 & N55

2004-2010 in V8 N62 & N62 TU engines

2005-2015 in V12 N73 & N74 engines

Diagnosing Problems

The BMW’s onboard computer or onboard diagnostic system (OBD) is able to pick up on faults in your VANOS system should they occur. Your OBD will display specific fault codes relevant to the issue at hand. There are some common fault codes across all models of VANOS, which are as follows:

P1520: Shows an issue with camshaft position actuator

P1523: Tells you that the camshaft position actuator is jammed

P1397: Shows a problem with camshaft position sensor B

2A82: Shows and issue with VANOS intake solenoid (Part #: 11 36 7 585 425)

2A87: Shows a problem caused by VANOX exhaust solenoid (Part #: 11 36 7 585 425)

Repairing the VANOS System

Because it silently operates to give you a better driving experience, issues with the VANOS system rarely display any physical signs, barring a general BMW VANOS Repairdecrease in performance and noticeable changes in the way your car feels to drive. Because of this, issues with the VANOS system are most likely to be overlooked by most drivers.

Your mechanic will test for these issues when you take your car in for service, which is why you should take your BMW in for routine maintenance as recommended. Ideally, you should bring your car to a BMW specialist as the VANOS system is unique to BMW vehicles, meaning that your car can be looked after by an expert who understands the intricate systems.

When it comes to the ongoing maintenance of the VANOS system, the part most likely in need of more regularly replacement are the seals.  These will need to be changed every 50,000 miles, on average. The unit itself can need replacing after 70,000 miles, but with the right care, it isn’t unheard of for the system to last much longer.

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