Where to Take Your BMW In Jeffersonville After Experiencing a DSC Failure While Driving

BMW DSC Warning Light

You love your BMW, and the DSC system only makes your drive that much more enjoyable. But what happens if your DSC system starts to fail or goes out completely?

DSC stands for Dynamic Stability Control and is one of those perks that BMW vehicles are known for. This system is quite complex. Using many different sensors and detective methods, it allows the car to customize a driver’s driving experience based on their style of driving.

The DSC’s primary function is to optimize performance, but it also acts as a safety feature by regulating the speed of the BMW according to the road conditions. This feature helps prevent your vehicle from spinning out the wheels or skidding out of control. A failure to this system should be taken very seriously to avoid having to drive in unsafe conditions.

Which BMW models typically experience a DSC failure?

While any vehicle with a DSC system is subject to failure, there are a few models that seem to be more susceptible to incurring DSC system issues: 3-series, 5-series, 7-series, Z-series, X3, and X5.

If you own any of these models, you should consider having the DSC system checked regularly for any possible issues. By including DSC inspection in your regular preventative maintenance care, you could possibly address any hidden problems before they turn into serious safety issues.

Signs of DSC Failure

  • DSC or ABS Lights Come On: The DSC system works closely with your anti-lock brake system, so it is quite common to incur problems with both systems at the same time. One common indicator of a malfunction in either your DSC system “DSC” or your anti-lock brakes “ABS” lights will come on in your dashboard If you notice either of these lights on, you should have a trusted mechanic run a diagnostics test on your vehicle to pinpoint the exact issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Anti-Lock Brake Performance Off: The DSC system is connected to your ABS system, so any problems with your anti-lock brake performance could indicate an issue with your DSC system. Any issues such as shaking or locking up should warrant a prompt inspection by a certified service center technician.
  • Overall Performance Off: An overall change in your vehicle’s performance could also indicate there are issues with your DSC system. Changes in power or acceleration are just a few of the possible symptoms of a faulty DSC system.

Troubleshooting the DSC System on Your BMW

The DSC system contains multiple components and is connected to several different parts in your BMW. If your DSC system has stopped working or you are receiving a DSC error light, there are a few different components that could be causing the issue. These elements include the adjustment sensors, brake sensors, and the speed sensors. If just one of these components is not working correctly, the entire DSC system could fail.

Step 1

Inside each wheel hub are connection speed sensors. You can find these sensors by locating the wiring coming out of the wheel hub and tracing it to the sensor. Once you locate the sensor, you will want to check the connection, check for debris, and check if the sensor or wires are frayed.

Step 2

Closely inspect each of your BMW’s rotors and brake pads. If there is any issue with these parts, the DSC could malfunction or give a warning light on your dash. If the brakes are not functioning right, the pads are unevenly worn, or the rotors are worn down, which could result in scratches on the surface of the rotor, the DSC system could be affected.

Step 3

Inspect the adjustment sensors. These sensors include the steering angle sensor, the lateral acceleration sensor, and the pressure sensor. You will want to take your BMW to a reliable service center so that the mechanics can use their electronic diagnostic equipment. This equipment can determine if any of these sensors are failing and causing issues with your DSC system.

Where to Get Your DSC System Fixed in Jefferson

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