Where to Repair a Faulty BMW Ignition in Jeffersonville

BMW Ignition Problem

The BMW is accurately billed as the ultimate driving machine. Keeping this machine running to the highest level of performance is essential. Driving a BMW makes you feel like a star. It is one of the fastest, best-handling vehicles on the road, hugging the curves and cornering to perfection. When you are moving slowly, it is graceful and elegant. As you accelerate the car delivers with no effort, promising more if you ask. A faulty ignition can ruin that performance. Without the proper vigilance and quick repairs needed, your ultimate driving machine will not be able to provide the thrills you have come to expect.

Causes of a Faulty Ignition

There are various reasons a BMW may not start, and each of these will keep your driving machine sidelined and you from enjoying the pleasure of the driving experience if not corrected quickly.

Weak Fuel Pump

A weak fuel pump will still pump fuel. However, your high-performing vehicle will have trouble starting from the lack of pressure. It can also be the cause of a lack of power, an engine that dies after you have been driving, and a whining noise from the rear of the car.

Fuel pumps fail because of contamination from corrosion, debris, and moisture that bring visible contaminants into the tank. These contaminants will clog the critical components in the fuel pump, blocking the flow of fuel, which can affect the vehicle during acceleration. This will also impair the BMW long-term.

Electrical issues such as rusted, loose, or melted connectors or melted wiring are common in fuel pump failures. A certified BMW technician can quickly check for a faulty fuel pump, replace it, and get you back out on the road.

Engine Temperature Sensor/PCM Coolant Sensor

The Engine Temperature Sensor (ETS) measures how hot the engine is inside. The hotter the engine without boiling the coolant, the more efficient and powerful the engine. When the sensor goes bad, the check engine light may come on, the engine will stall or fail to start, the engine will run poorly, or it could even overheat.

Because of the damage that can be done to the components of such a precisely-engineered engine, getting the vehicle to a certified repair shop is essential to continued performance.

Worn Spark Plugs

When your spark plugs are not producing the spark needed to ignite the air/fuel mixture, your BMW will not be going anywhere. Worn spark plugs also created a drain on the car’s battery, which will also create ignition problems. Getting these changed could be the proper resolution to your ignition problems and save you from future problems.

Bad Ignition Coil

A bad ignition coil is on the most common engine performance issues in a BMW. If the coil goes bad, the BMW may experience a rough idle, misfires, a reduction in gas mileage, stalling, or even a loss of power and acceleration.

Because ignition coils can last up to 140,000 miles, they are usually only replaced when there is a problem and not as part of preventative maintenance. So if you notice one of these symptoms, take your BMW to a reputable and certified repair shop immediately for a proper diagnosis.

Defective Starter or Weak Battery

If you start your BMW but nothing happens or you hear a clicking or clanking noise, you may have a defective starter. If your BMW starts sometimes, but not all the time, you may have a defective starter. If the interior lights dim when you attempt to start the car, or you hear a grinding noise when the car is running, or you hear a whirring noise and the engine does not turn over, you may have a defective starter. Because a battery with a low charge can also have the same symptoms, it is important to get the correct diagnosis for this problem.

Damaged Key/Weak Key Fob Battery

If you find yourself away from home with a damaged or nonfunction key fob, BMW does offer a service to assist. Once you have gotten in your car and started it, drive to a BMW certified repair shop immediately and have them assist you with getting a new key or key fob battery and get back to that ultimate driving experience.

How to Avoid Faulty Ignition Problems

The BMW is a precisely-engineered machine that requires both observation and adherence to a maintenance plan to keep it running at the highest standards. By observing the warning signs this superior car provides, and by having a BMW certified technician provide the care and knowledge needed, you can continue to enjoy the thrills of the road.

Mike Johnson Imports

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Once your car problem is diagnosed, whenever possible, we provide same day repairs. We know how important it is to get you on your way, so we also offer shuttle services and vehicle pick-up and drop-off. Give us a call at Mike Johnson Imports today.

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