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BMW 520d Wheel

BMW car owners are loyal to the brand because it has style, a high-performance engine, and exudes luxury.  Yet, these cars are not invincible.  If you’ve experienced your vehicle shake, shimmy, or vibrate while you are driving, it is an indicator that something is wrong with your wheels or tires. The first thing you should do is pull over to the side of the road when it is safe to do so. Once you are safely off the road, you’ll want to take inventory of what was occurring when your car began to malfunction. Take a look at the following questions for some helpful tips.

  • How fast were you driving or was the car stopped? If the car is shaking at a stoplight or in park, that could be an indicator of an issue unrelated to the tires. If you are driving the car when the shaking or vibration occurred, note the speed at which you were driving. A vibration or shaking at 40mph could be a different issue than a vibration at 65mph.
  • Where in the car do you feel the shake, shimmy, or vibration? Being able to identify the general area where the shake, shimmy, or vibration is coming from helps establish a starting point to figure out where the issue is located. A shaking steering wheel could be a different issue compared to the entire front-end shaking.
  • Are there noises associated with the shake, shimmy, or vibration? If there were sounds coming from the car at the same time or just before the shaking or vibration occurred, this can help narrow down the issue. Try to describe if the noise sounded like a rattling, clicking, or if the engine sounded louder than usual.

Common Causes of Tire Problems

Knowing the answers to those questions can help a technician narrow down the search. They will perform a diagnostic check on your car to better pinpoint the issue.

Let’s take a look at some possible reasons your tires could cause your BMW to shake:

  • Worn Tires: When the tread on your tires has worn down, the integrity of the tire is in jeopardy.  There are many things that can happen when your tires are worn, including loss of control during inclement weather or a blowout.  A simple way to check if your tire tread is wearing down is to take a penny, Lincoln’s head pointed down, and place it between the tread.  If the top of Lincoln’s head is still visible above the tread, then the tread has worn too low and it is time to replace your tires.
  • Unbalanced Tires: If your tires are not balanced correctly, this can cause uneven wear on the tire, potentially causing the tread to separate or lead to further issues with the wheel construction. If you see that you are visiting the gas station more frequently, this could be an indicator of unbalanced tires causing a decrease in your BMW’s fuel economy.
  • Bent Wheels: The wheels or rims inside your tires can become bent from clipping a curb, driving on a flat tire, or hitting a pothole. If your wheel or rim is bent, you may feel a vibration in the steering wheel or from the rear of the car. Another indicator is that you are having to inflate your tires more frequently. Driving on the misshapen wheel or rim could have caused an air leak in the tire.
  • Poorly Fit Tires: The type of tire you choose to replace your old or damaged tires can impact the rubber-to-road performance of your BMW. If you choose to replace your tires with a set that does not fit your car properly, this can cause wear and tear to occur more quickly. It is always recommended to replace your BMW tires with a recommended size and brand for your BMW model.

Mike Johns Imports Specializes in BMW Tire Service

At Mike Johns Imports, we specialize in keeping your BMW on the road and continuing to perform as the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” BMW Tire Service  We provide whole-car care for your BMW at our locations in Louisville and across Southern Indiana in Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, Jeffersonville, and St. Matthews.

Our service team has decades of experience specific to BMW car repair providing confidence our technicians will deliver high quality service you would expect as a BMW owner. We use state-of-the-art equipment and factory-grade parts for all our repair services.  All our team members continue to educate themselves about changes in service processes and methods when new models come out, ensuring our customers continue to receive quality repairs.

With our commitment to providing excellence to our customers, we offer more affordable service repairs than at the dealerships. We welcome you to visit our website to set up an appointment convenient for your schedule, or you can call us to speak to a friendly technician.

* BMW 520d Wheel image credit goes to: joephotographer.

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