The Importance of a Proper Oil Change for a BMW from Certified Mechanics in Jeffersonville

BMW Oil Change

Changing the oil in your BMW is one of the most basic car maintenance tasks that needs to be done. Although everyone needs to have their oil changed in their vehicles, this is sometimes a step that people skip or put off to later. A fresh and full reservoir of oil Is a vital ingredient to keep your car running like new. Without good oil in your vehicle, you may face costly repairs.

How often should I change the oil in my BMW?

According to the BMW owner’s manual, it is suggested that your change your oil every 15,000 miles. Most models of BMWs also come equipped with reminder lights on the dashboard panel. This is a great feature to help owners, so they do not forget to get timely oil changes and have their car suffer the consequences. Although you only need to change your oil every 15,000 miles, you can certainly choose to change it sooner, as frequent oil changes can help prolong the life of your engine.

Why should I get my oil changed?

Automobiles are a vast collection of systems that all work together to ensure the vehicle runs smoothly and effectively. Without all the parts and fluids working correctly, you will run into problems. Not changing your oil can be problematic, to say the least. Here are some reasons why you must change the oil in your BMW:

  • Oil lubricates the engine and absorbs heat. Metal will rub against metal without this function, causing friction and extreme heat issues.
  • Oil breaks down and becomes less effective over time. So even if your oil is full, old oil will not work as effectively.
  • If the oil runs out or does not circulate properly, your engine could seize, causing a very costly repair or rebuild bill.

When your oil is not changed enough, you may face sludge buildup. When sludge builds up in your car, the oil will have a more challenging time flowing through the engine. This could cause oil starvation to the engine and related parts. The result could be the need to get repairs or replacements of parts or to have to rebuild or replace your engine entirely.

7 Benefits of Changing Your Oil

Now that you know the consequences and drawbacks of not changing your oil in a timely fashion, you may also want to know the benefits of changing your oil.

  • Oil protects your engine: Changing your oil protects your engine and keeps it clean. Replacing both your oil and your oil filter will remove dangerous sludge and particles from your engine.
  • Oil cools the engine components: Clean, new, and full oil will help keep the engine components at the correct temperature. The oil is there to lubricate and absorb heat. If the oil is old, it will be inefficient in its job. But when you change it often, it will keep all components cooler, lengthening their lifespan.
  • Oil raises engine efficiency: All of the parts of your engine work together to create output and performance. When one or more components or fluids are not working correctly, performance and efficiency will fall. Clean oil will ensure you have an efficient engine.
  • You will have longer engine life: When you do not change your oil, you can damage your engine. By ensuring that the engine has good, clean oil, you will have a longer engine life.
  • Your mileage will be better: Clean oil contributes to an efficient engine which is the number one ingredient to good gas mileage. The longer you go without new oil, the worse your miles-per-gallon ratio will be.
  • It is an environmentally friendly choice: Your oil is there to absorb heat, but the oil begins to break down as heat is absorbed. When the oil breaks down, gases will be released into the air. By changing your oil more frequently, you are actually helping the environment.
  • Emission tests will be worry-free: When you have clean oil, your car will release fewer emissions. This will make your emissions test better and stress-free.

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