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The power steering hoses in your BMW are an integral part of what keeps your entire power steering system healthy and functioning. All aspects of the BMW power steering system need to work together to do their jobs properly. Failure of a power steering hose could cause difficulty in steering or even the possibility of a fire occurring.

It is crucial to only drive with functional power steering hoses. If you suspect there may be a leak or problem, you should have a professional inspect the system before the hoses fail entirely. If you already have concerns or want an inspection for peace of mind, keep reading for warning signs, causes, and repairs of power steering hoses in your BMW.

Signs of Power Steering Hose Failure

Like all other parts of your BMW, it is essential to do routine maintenance and inspections. The power steering hoses do not have a specific timeline of when they should be replaced. However, whenever you are bringing your car in for standard maintenance, you should have them inspected. Your mechanic or garage should be looking for signs of wear and tear as well as any indication that leaks have developed. Below are the most common signs of problems with your power steering hoses:

  • Difficulty Steering with Whirring or Groaning Noises: One of the most obvious signs that there could be a problem is when you have difficulty steering. This could also be accompanied by noises such as whirring or groaning. These signs may indicate low power steering fluid, which could be because of a rip, tear, or leak in the power steering hoses or somewhere else in the system. Low fluid is likely due to a leak, but the garage that services your BMW will also check all possibilities in the power steering system.
  • Leaking Fluid: Sometimes the issue is a little more obvious, like seeing fluid leaking under your engine. If you see this, it is time to bring your BMW in for inspection and diagnostic
  • Hose Damage: If you notice any hose damage during regular visible inspections and maintenance, you need to get it replaced to prevent total failure. Hose damage would include cracks, cuts, abrasions, and heat damage.
  • Contaminated Fluid: If a mechanic tells you that there is something wrong with your power steering fluid, changing the fluid will not fix the issue. Suppose rubber particles are found in the reservoir or in the power steering fluid. In that case, it is an indication that the interior of the power steering hose is failing and needs to be replaced.

How long can your drive with power steering hose issues?

Sometimes people know that there is something wrong with their car but they continue to drive it, hoping for the best. This can be dangerous to you. Once you know that you have a problem with your power steering pressure hose, you need to take your vehicle in immediately.

The pressure hose in your BMW is under very high pressure. Also, the power steering fluid is flammable, so this poses a safety issue to you as well as a mechanical problem. If this leaks and sprays fluid on the hot engine or any hot parts nearby like the exhaust manifold, a fire can occur. Even if your car does catch fire, a leak or other damage can result in a challenging time steering the car.

Not taking care of the hose promptly can also cause further problems such as the fluid leaking out to a dangerous level, causing damage to the power steering pump. This would result in needing further repairs with more cost to you.

Our Professionals at Mike Johns Imports Can Help

The technicians at Mike Johns Imports specialize in service and repair BMW Power Steering Hose Check for BMW and Mini Cooper owners. With this specialization, you can trust that our experts will fix any issues you are currently having. We can also help with any future problems.

We service BMW and Mini Cooper Drivers and Owners in the Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, Louisville, St. Matthews, and Jeffersonville, IN areas.

If you think your BMW might have multiple power steering hose failure or anything else related to the power steering system, do not hesitate to bring your car in so our experienced technicians can assist you in getting you and your vehicle safely back on the road.

* BMW X1 Car image credit goes to: Ingus Kruklitis.

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