Proven Ways to Maintain an Efficient Emission System in Your Mini

MINI Emission System Issues

As a driver of a Mini, you should always be aware of how efficiently your vehicle is running. This is to ensure your Mini stays in its optimal condition for a long time and that the environment is not negatively affected.

The way you do this is by keeping the emission system functioning efficiently. Below you will learn what the emission system does, ways to keep it efficient, and where to go if issues do arise.

The Function of the Emission System

The main function of the emission system of your Mini is to ensure the Mini is running cleanly and efficiently. No matter the driving conditions, the emission system monitors all of the systems in your Mini so it can control the exhaust and the pollutants that are created and potentially emitted from your Mini.

Using sensors and computers throughout your Mini, the emission system reduces the number of harmful gases that are created. This reduces the emission levels of your Mini so the environment and the atmosphere remains protected and your Mini efficient.

Ways to Maintain an Efficient Emission System

There are a few things you can do to help maintain an efficient emission system. The first is to use a cleaning agent in the fuel system. As your Mini gets older, the chance for the accumulation of particles, debris, and other waste products becomes greater. These waste products are then left throughout the fuel system and the engine. This leads to a reduction in efficiency and an increase in emissions.

This is where a cleaning agent comes in handy. The cleaning agent is run through the fuel system to get rid of built-up particles and debris.

The second way to maintain an efficient emission system is to change the oil and the air filter. These two parts of your Mini play important roles that will reduce efficiency if not properly maintained.

First, the engine oil. The engine oil is part of what gives life to your Mini. It circulates through the engine to keep it running in its optimal condition because it cleans, lubricates, cools, and prevents the wear and tear of the parts it comes in contact with. When the engine oil is left unchanged for an extended time, the levels become low and the efficiency reduces because the oil is close to running on empty.

Now for the air filter. The air filter is normally changed at the same time as the oil to reduce the number of times you have to see your mechanic. The air filter gives the engine air to breathe while stopping debris from entering it. Over time, the filter becomes full and is no longer able to let air pass through. This accelerates the wear and tear of the engine, which then reduces the efficiency of the emission system.

The third way to maintain the emission system in your Mini is to reduce the amount of idle time. Idle time is when you are sitting with the engine running. This happens when stuck in traffic or when parked outside a friend’s house waiting for them to come outside. Idling uses up a lot more fuel than many people think. So not only is the fuel being wasted, the emission system has to work harder to control the waste that idling produces.

Mike Johns Imports Will Address Your Emission System in Your Mini

Even though you are paying close attention to the above ways on how to maintain an efficient emission system, there are times when system MINI Efficient Emission System Maintenance maintenance needs to be done. The best place to go for this is Mike Johns Imports.

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