Professional Repair of Your BMW’s Faulty Transmission in Jeffersonville

BMW Transmission Fluid Leak

The transmission in your BMW is the system which converts the engine’s generated power into mechanical movement. Without it, you would not be able to drive your vehicle. It is a crucial piece of technology in your car that needs constant monitoring and care.

Paying proper attention to the wellbeing of your car’s transmission system is a very responsible car ownership practice, as you can catch minor problems before they become major ones, and avoid huge repair bills, or worse, a complete replacement.

Let’s take a closer look at how to diagnose and repair your car’s transmission system, if you suspect it is damaged or in need of replacement or repair. If your BMW shows any of the following symptoms, be sure to get its transmission inspected as soon as you can. This is best done by a certified BMW mechanic, as the transmission is a critical and sensitive part of your vehicle.

Strange Noises

If your car begins to make loud humming, rattling, shaking, clunking, or whining noises, whether it be in gear or in neutral, it could be the result of a faulty transmission system. This could be a minor problem or an issue with a different part of the car, as strange noises are a common symptom of many regular car maintenance issues. However, it could be a sign of something serious, so it’s best to have it looked at by a professional.

If you have an automatic transmission, these noises could be caused by breakdown of your automatic transmission fluid. This is because, over time, the fluid doesn’t lubricate the many moving parts of your transmission as well as it could when brand new. Those moving parts can begin to generate friction, causing heat and damage to the vehicle.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you see a leak where your car was previously parked, you should identify the type of fluid and the source of that leak immediately. It’s never good when something is spilling out of your car.

If the fluid happens to be a red to reddish-brown liquid, you could have a transmission fluid leak on your hands. This problem should be handled as soon as possible, as it can be a relatively low-cost repair. However, if left unrepaired, can cause major damage to your transmission that might even require a full replacement, which would be far more expensive.

You should check your transmission fluid levels from time to time as well. The transmission fluid level does not naturally decrease with use or passively over time like other fluids, such as windshield wiper fluid and motor oil. So, if you have less transmission fluid than you ought to, you most likely have a leak and should treat your car as such, having the leak found and fixed quickly.

A Burning Smell

If you smell a burning scent in your car, this is always a sign that something is very wrong with your BMW. Many times, a burning smell coming from your car’s transmission is due to unlubricated moving parts creating friction by rubbing against each other, perhaps because of low or leaking transmission fluid.

This friction can very easily do irreparable harm to your transmission system. It can cause buildups of sludge and other detrimental materials, further damaging your car’s transmission system.

Therefore, a burning smell is cause for great concern and should be treated with quick action. Take your BMW to an expert mechanic and have it inspected if you smell burning coming from your transmission.

Mike Johns Imports Will Fix Your Transmission

Your BMW’s transmission is one of the most BMW Transmission Repaircritical and sensitive systems of your car. If you suspect it is damaged in any way, it is best to take it to a mechanic you can trust.

If you live in or around the communities of Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, Louisville, St. Matthews, or Jeffersonville, IN, and are experiencing symptoms of a faulty transmission in your BMW, bring it to Mike Johns Imports. We will have an experienced mechanic take a look at your BMW’s transmission, diagnose the problem and speak to you about a plan of action. We look forward to earning your trust and business for all your future BMW service and maintenance needs.

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