Louisville’s Optimal Mini Cooper Transmission Repair & Service

Mini Cooper cars have high quality transmissions. The outstanding design of the transmission system provides a smooth luxurious shift and  promotes efficient operation. However, any problem with the transmission could change the entire driving experience and even result in unexpected failures on other systems. And when problems occur they can be subtle or very noticeable. In either case MJI has enough specialized tools to repair and maintain your Mini Cooper transmission quickly and effectively. MJI has approved filters and oils to replenish your transmission and keep you from costly repairs. The dealership will tell you that transmission service is not required for the life of the vehicle but at MJI we has seen the positive and negative results of transmission maintenance and lack there of.  MJI recommends transmission service every 50K miles using approved filters and fluids. If you are looking for Mini Cooper experts that can handle these complex tasks professionally, the BMW Transmission Repair service at MJI is definitely the best choice for your vehicle and your budget as well. Thank you for choosing MJI for the Mini Cooper Transmission Repair service. CONTACT US today for a reasonable price!