Expert Mini Cooper Tire Service in Louisville

Mini Cooper is truly one of the best driving vehicles on the road. However making the right tire choice is critically important to the Mini Cooper owner since it can change the entire experience and ultimately transform your street machine unto a pile of junk. Frankly speaking, correct Mini Cooper Tire Service is much different from standard tire shop service.  Please keep your mind open and don’t get fooled by tire shop gimmicks and and their commission driven tire recommendations. They like to put jokes on their signs and billboards, but really the jokes on you! They will sell you a tire unfit for use on your Mini Cooper just to increase their profit. In addition, they may recommend alignments and other parts and services to your cars chassis as well. The problem is they are not well trained to correctly perform these services. In addition, their all profit mentality will applied to their repairs and they will tend to install cheap knock off parts on your Mini Cooper.  These shops do not have the core values or trained techs to correctly install tires on and repair your Mini Cooper. When you visit MJI for the Mini Cooper Tire Service, we only recommend the factory, or better, replacement tires and install components carefully selected to keep your Mini Cooper original. Oh yeah, and parts installation and diagnosis are performed professionally by a Mini Cooper Master Tech. You can’t get that at a tire shop. In addition, every tire you purchase from MJI will be Road Force Balanced at no additional cost, and tire rotate will be complimentary during your future oil services; a great value far superior to a standard tire shop.  Along with every set of new tires MJI will highly recommend a Mini Cooper factory alignment using our KDS alignment equipment. Any repairs needed to protect your tire investment and safety will be caught and estimated during the alignment. More than that, we also offer an excellent nation-wide road hazard warranty to offer peace of mind. In light of this, we can help you keep money in your pocket by limiting the number of times you have to replace your tires caused by suspension abnormalities.  Keep it MINI by choosing MJI to perform your tire service. Thank you for choosing the Mini Cooper Tire Service at MJI. CONTACT US today for a reasonable price!