MINI Engine Mount Issues

Damaged MINI Engine Mount

Your engine is hands down the most essential and most expensive part of your entire MINI. Because of this, it can’t just be bolted to the inside of your car. Instead, to preserve its longevity, the engine is connected to the body of your MINI using reinforced rubber bushings that are called mounts. The engine mounts not only help hold your engine up evenly, but also help absorb the vibrations created by a running engine. This helps to not only preserve the engine but also protects the mounting bolts and brackets, and more importantly, the fragile sensors inside the engine system.

The mounts achieve all this by making sure the horsepower generated by the engine moves down your car and into the ground, instead of throughout your car, which would strain the engine. As MINI’s are known for their long life span and the popularity of their vintage models, problems with the engine mounts are likely as your car ages. Because of this, it’s good to know how to detect trouble with these humble, yet vital parts.

Lifting and Dropping of your Engine

Your MINI’s engine mounts will likely start to become worn after around 100,000-150,000 miles. When this occurs, you may start to notice an odd phenomenon when you accelerate. When the mounts start to fail, they won’t have a tight grip on your engine, which means that when you accelerate, the engine will be able to use the axles to lift itself out of the mount. Upon reducing speed, however, the engine will drop back down, usually quite suddenly. This creates a loud bang which can startle drivers.

If this process happens repeatedly, then the mounts will tear entirely, leaving the engine to move about under the hood and cause a lot of damage. The type of damage you can expect to face with an engine with torn mounts is extensive. Everything connected to your engine could be affected, including the CV joints, intake and exhaust tubing, all fluid lines, the wiring harness, the shift linkages, and delicate sensors. This is usually a catastrophic event.

Vibrating at Idle

When your engine mounts become worn, you may also notice your idling becomes much more rough, causing you to feel intense vibrations when at a stop sign or intersection. Of course, this can be due to a variety of other factors, but it may be the fault of the engine mounts. You can test if the mounts are to blame by pressing your brakes and then applying the throttle. If the engine moves around more than an inch, then you have likely found your culprit.

Modern Engine Mounts

Some high-end motor mount innovations have started to trickle down into mainstream motoring in recent years. Some brands have started to add electrical components to their mounts in aim to extend the lifespan and the efficiency of basic mounts. These electronic mounts are also able to adjust stiffness, depending on the way in which you drive, which is reflected by the RPM of the engine. This will create a soft cushion when your MINI is idling but firm up to support the engine when in motion.

Some more examples of recent innovations we’ll likely start to see on mainstream cars include the addition of counter-vibration devices designed to reduce engine sounds as well as active mounts controlled by a vacuum.

To conclude, the more miles you drive, the more likely your mounts will need some TLC or replacement. If your MINI is a classic, then you’ll need to keep your eye out for wear, watching for the symptoms mentioned above.

Mike Johns Imports

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