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BMW Oil Change

If you want your BMW to remain the vision of luxury and class, you’ll want to make sure you are investing in regular vehicle maintenance. While routine automotive maintenance is important for any vehicle model, it is especially pertinent to the health and longevity of BMW models. Simple tasks like getting your oil changed regularly can make a world of difference in your BMW. It will allow your vehicle to perform better, reduce breakdowns, and preserve the integrity of your luxury vehicle.

Held to a higher standard than other automotive brands, BMWs are not supposed to have frequent issues, so regular oil changes can be a great defensive strategy against such occurrences. We should take a look at the qualities the top repair shop in Jeffersonville will utilize when taking on the responsibility of changing the oil in your BMW regularly.

Warning Signs that Your BMW Needs an Oil Change

It is important to keep your engine lubricated so it doesn’t overheat and cause severe and costly repair issues. Your car is designed to warn you when your oil is getting low or in desperate need of oil. Never let your lubricants run low in your engine, to protect its integrity and give you the most out of your BMW.

  • The oil warning light on your dashboard will illuminate, letting you know it’s time for an oil change.
  • The check engine light may illuminate if there isn’t sufficient oil to lubricate its working parts.
  • The engine temperature gauge will rise with an overheating engine. A lack of engine oil could be the culprit.

Oil Change Procedures for BMW Models

Getting regular oil changes for your BMW can be easy when you’ve selected the right automotive service shop. Here are a few steps our professionals at Mike Johns Imports that will be included in each service appointment:

  • A technician will drive your BMW onto the ramps in the shop.
  • They will remove the oil cap, filter housing, and drain plug to allow all the old oil to completely drain out.
  • The oil filter and oil filter o-rings should also be replaced in this process.
  • When done, they will screw on the oil filter housing and tighten the drain bolt once more.
  • We will pour in the appropriate amount of the recommended type of oil as laid out in your BMW’s owner manual.

Quality Oil Changes

Many BMW owners have a preference as to which repair shop works the best for their vehicle, while others are still searching for the right fit. Mike Johns Imports utilizes the newest tools, diagnostic equipment, and trained specialists to meet our stringent criteria for providing quality repairs, service, and replacement parts. With admirable customer reviews and free information, we are your go-to service center:

  • Convenient Features: You can count on Mike Johns imports to provide quick and thorough services, loaner vehicles, complimentary food, and drink, or shuttle services while your BMW is being worked on.
  • Experienced technicians: Everybody has to start somewhere, but you probably don’t want a novice mechanic working your BMW that has become your pride and joy. We employ experienced, BMW-certified technicians.
  • Healthy Environment and Culture: You don’t want to go to a repair shop that treats you as a money source. It may be time to reconsider your automotive service location if your current repair shop isn’t treating you well.

Mike Johns Imports for Your BMW Servicing Needs

Even though bringing your BMW to the dealership regularly may seem like a hassle, it’s a good idea to make appointments ahead of time BMW OIl Level Check and stick to them for the benefit of your BMW. It isn’t always easy to find time or money to get regular oil changes, but it can be done.

If you’re looking for experts to change your oil in your BMW, Mike Johns Imports is your first choice. Not only do we offer honest and up-front pricing, but our service location staff takes supporting our clients seriously. Our customer service and pricing are always affordable, and we are always transparent in our recommendations.

Serving the areas of Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, Louisville, St. Matthews, and Jeffersonville in Indiana, we are proud to retain our customers and continue building a strong working relationship with them. Give us a call at (812) 284-3791!

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