Instrument Cluster Problem in a BMW

BMW Instrument Cluster Issue

BMW interiors are some of the most sought after in the vehicle industry. An instrument cluster is the features on a digital dashboard, located behind the steering wheel at the front of the car. This digital dashboard contains gauges and indicators that give more information to the driver about the status of the car. It is able to advise a driver about the speed of the car, level of fuel, the car’s mileage (odometer), and the oil pressure, among others.

Because this information is so vital for the continued efficiency and safety of the driver, it is paramount that the instrument cluster is always in good working condition. We are going to look at some of the problems that could be causing your BMW’s instrument cluster to malfunction and how to identify them.

Blown Fuse

Once the fuse blows, this can cause all the gauges in the internet cluster to stop working. If this happens, it’s important to rule out the fuse first because it’s very easy to check it. In most BMWs you can find the fuse box in the engine compartment.

Gauges Get Stuck

Like most things, instrument clusters are also prone to wear and tear. Dust can settle on the stepper motors that are used to move the needles on the gauges. If this happens, this could result in inaccurate readings of the speedometer, odometer, tachometer, etc.

Faulty Wiring

Wiring problems could affect the flow of energy or electricity in the instrument cluster. If one of the wires is worn out or damaged, then this could cause the whole cluster to malfunction.

Overloaded Circuit

The voltage regulator is used to send energy to the instrument cluster. When this is faulty, it could affect the readings on the gauges. When you jumpstart your car, this could also lead to an overloaded circuit that consequently affects the instrument cluster. The whole cluster may not entirely stop working but the readings on the gauges could either be too high or too low because of the erratic power changes.

Signs of a Faulty Instrument Cluster

There are a number of symptoms to watch out for and check if you suspect that your instrument cluster could be malfunctioning. If any of these are true for your BMW, then you would be right to suspect that there is a problem.

  • The fuel level indicator could be off or on zero. If you know for a fact that there’s some fuel in your car because you may have fueled recently, yet the fuel level is reading zero, then there may be a problem with some of the gauges in your instrument cluster.
  • Your BMW’s speed reading could be wrong. Let’s say you’re driving on a highway and your speed is quite fast and you know you could probably be pushing to 70 mph. If the speed reading on the instrument cluster shows a reading that is too low, for example 30 mph, then you’ll have reason to believe that something in the cluster is faulty.
  • Gauges could be dim or flicker a lot. If the warning lights in the instrument cluster light up and go off sporadically, it could indicate that there’s a problem in the cluster which could be due to a faulty voltage regulator.
  • Turn signals don’t blink. If you’re making a turn on the road and you indicate using your turn signals located on the instrument cluster but the signals don’t light up on the dashboard, then your instrument cluster could have a problem.
  • Seat belt warning light could be off, yet front passengers aren’t wearing their seat belts. If you or the passenger happen to not be wearing your seatbelt with no indication or warning on the instrument cluster then this could be a sign that the cluster is faulty.

Mike Johns Imports Will Care for Your BMW’s Systems

Mike Johns Imports is BMW Fuse Box Repaira full service and auto-repair BMW facility serving Louisville and surrounding areas like Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, St. Matthews and Jeffersonville, IN.

If you suspect that your instrument cluster may be faulty or damaged, we are always ready to check out your BMW and repair the problem for you. Our staff has helped thousands of BMW owners in the past and are all committed to quality. Apart from fixing the instrument cluster, we will also check to ensure that there are no more developing issues with your BMW that could cause you problems later on.

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