How to Know if Your Mini has VVT Issues

MINI Illuminated Check Engine Light

Minis develop technical issues from time to time. One that is most common to the brand is a Variable Valve Timing (VVT) issue. The VVT system is one of those components in your car that you may not be familiar with. This does not rule out the importance of the component and its functions in your car.

It is also important for you to know how the VVT works so that you can identify when its function is abnormal through recognizing the symptoms of the issue with its solutions.

How the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) System Works

The variable valve timing system is a feature that was recently introduced into Mini vehicles. This component was created to help manage and maximize fuel usage and enhance the overall performance of your car. It is located in the car engine and allows it to control the demand for fuel in the engine and exhaust valves. While the fuel intake of the engine is being controlled by the VVT, the car speed and efficiency are enhanced as the vehicle’s emissions are reduced.

Symptoms of a VVT Issue in Your Mini

Check Engine Light

This feature is present in your Mini solely for the function of warning you of danger, malfunction, or failure of any of your car parts, especially when they have to do with the engine. The VVT itself is located in the engine and on your car’s computer board, it is located close to the check engine light. This shows that the check engine light would most likely come on when there is a problem with the VVT.

However, because the check engine light is designed to warn you of problems in different areas that affect the engine, you may not identify early enough that it is a problem with the VVT. This is why you must call the attention of an expert technician as soon as possible.

Increased Fuel Consumption

One of the functions of the VVT in your car is to manage the intake of fuel by your car engine and help maximize it. This means that when you have to refill your fuel tank more often than usual, there might be a fault with the VVT which can no longer control fuel intake by your engine. As a result, the engine begins to demand and make use of more fuel than required, causing a decrease in the fuel economy of your car.

Polluted Oil

The VVT is a moving component in the engine that requires good quality, neat and adequate oil to function appropriately. When you notice dirt and contamination in the oil from your car, you might have to check the VVT. This should be done immediately as any delay could cause more serious issues in the car engine which depends on the VVT supply of fuel to function.

Engine Malfunction

This is first a sign of a VVT failure before it is an effect. When the engine of your car does not respond or responds slowly and hesitantly while you’re trying to change the gear, there might be a problem with the VVT. This is because the VVT directly affects the output of your car’s gear which the engine answers to. If this sign is ignored or not quickly attended to, it could lead to more complicated issues like engine idling or even a misfiring. To avoid this, consult an expert engineer immediately.

Let Mike Johns Import Handle Your VVT Issues

Handling a VVT issue in your Mini can only be done in two ways; preventing it or fixing it. The first is the better one, which can MINI Engine Oil Check be done by changing the oil in your engine and taking your car for servicing regularly. The other requires total fixing of an already failing VVT. Both require the services of an expert.

At Mike Johns Imports, our skilled technicians offer the best car services and repairs with the latest equipment. This has earned us the trust of drivers in Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, Louisville, St. Matthews, Jeffersonville, and IN. With expertise in the Mini and BMW, you can trust us with your car. Schedule an appointment by visiting any of our centers or calling us now. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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