How to Deal With Front Tension Strut Bushing Failure in a BMW

BMW Handling Issue

Your BMW is a high-powered, stylish car that is quite reliable to operate. Any owner of a BMW knows that the experience of driving this car is like no other vehicle. Though BMWs are not particularly prone to expensive problems, they can still sometimes fail. One problem that can occur with your BMW is failure of the front tension strut bushing.

This part of your car supports the suspension of your vehicle and keeps your drive smooth and stable while driving on inconsistent surfaces. When front tension strut bushings fail, it can significantly impact other parts of your suspension and decrease your driving experience’s quality. This article will cover the function of the front tension strut bushings, what happens when they fail, and where to go to get them repaired.

The Front Strut Bushings

The front strut bushings of your BMW take a large part of the impact every time you drive over inconsistent road areas like speed bumps or potholes. They are made up of a rubber material that effectively absorbs impacts as you drive.

The bushings also protect components of your suspension such as the front struts as well as a few steering joints. However, these bushings can start to get worn out over time and acquire damage. This can strain other parts of your suspension, resulting in premature wear that can solicit a replacement.

Symptoms of Bushing Failure

Though the suspensions of a BMW vehicle are renowned for their resilience, they can still encounter problems as time goes on. There are a few factors that may contribute to bushing failure that you can keep track of to keep your car running smoothly.

  • Age of the BMW
  • Mileage
  • Typical driving conditions
  • Driver tendencies

It’s critical to be aware of how your BMW is performing. Being able to notice possible symptoms and addressing them early can positively impact your drive, save yourself some money, and maintain the value of your BMW.

Here are a few typical indicators of failed or damaged front strut bushings in the BMW that you can look out for.

  • Strange sounds: Strut bushings function to keep the components of your BMW’s suspension bound together to restrict movement and keep your vehicle stable. As they become worn out, there is extra room for the components to shift inside your car, which often results in shaking or rattling noises coming from your vehicle.
  • Vibrations: In addition to a shaking or rattling sound, it’s likely that you’ll experience a vibrating feeling while driving your car over road inconsistencies. This is caused by the components bumping into each other due to a lack of cushioning from the bushings.
  • Handling issues: Because the front struts keep your BMW supported structurally, problems with them can significantly affect the drivability of your vehicle. It can also impact tire wear patterns as well as result in other components of your suspension to become warped or acquire damage as time goes on, resulting in steering problems.

How To Prevent Front Strut Bushing Failure

If you do start to notice any of the above mentioned problems with your BMW’s suspension, there might be a problem with either your front strut bushings or a different component of your suspension that will require service.

The best thing you can do to prevent these problems from happening in the first place is through taking your car for regular services & maintenance checks. BMWs are specialized vehicles that require specialized care, so it’s important to take your car to a trained professional if you do notice a problem.

Mike Johns Imports for Strut Work

Located off of Dutch Lane in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Mike Johns Imports is your premier BMW repair shop. We service all drivers BMW Suspension Check in the surrounding areas of Jeffersonville, including Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, Louisville, and St. Matthews, IN.

We only hire the most highly-trained, ASE certified mechanics to service your beloved BMW. You can trust that at Mike Johns Imports, your car will be repaired right the first time, every time.

If you notice any of the above symptoms of front strut bushing failure in your BMW, bring your car in to see us right away. With problems like these, it’s always better to address them sooner rather than later to avoid further complications.

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