How to Deal with a High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure in Your BMW

BMW Engine Stall

BMWs are designed with efficiency and high performance in mind, but they also have some specific problems in their different models that the owners commonly encounter. A typical problem that you can experience as a BMW owner is the failure of the high-pressure fuel pump.

The high-pressure fuel pump injects fuel into your car engine’s combustion chamber. Because of how the engine is built, failure of the fuel pump automatically means no fuel will be supplied to the engine. Let’s take a closer look at how to deal with the failure of the high-pressure fuel pump in BMWs.

The Functions of the High-pressure Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is a component of your BMW’s engine system. It is located in the fuel tank and pumps fuel from the gas to the fuel injectors, where it combines with a precise amount of oxygen to combust.

Without the fuel pump, the BMW would not be able to move gas from the tank to the engine, which means that neither ignition nor combustion is possible, and therefore your BMW will not function for driving purposes.

Symptoms of High-pressure Fuel Pump Failure

The following are common signs of a high-pressure fuel pump failure that you ought to look out for:

  • Poor Acceleration: After you increase the speed of your engine, you may notice your BMW sputters or starts to stall. You may have a fuel pump issue. If the car isn’t accelerating smoothly especially when going up a hill or carrying loads that are heavy, it may also have to do with the fuel pump.
  • Engine Stalling: Failure of the high-pressure fuel pump causes a limited flow of gases to the engine block. The engine may start to stall which could be dangerous.
  • Limp Mode Activation: Your BMW may initiate this safety function to protect the driver and the engine from harm. This limp form allows you to proceed to a car service center at a low gear for slow speeds, and many of its features are limited to prevent further, more costly damage to your car.
  • Difficulty Starting the Vehicle: If fuel can’t reach the engine, igniting the fuel becomes a struggle. If the engine cranks but doesn’t turn over, that is a sign that the high-pressure fuel pump has completely failed.
  • Sudden Surges: If your BMW jerks forward suddenly, despite not touching the gas pedal, this is called a surge. It can be the result of a failure of the high-pressure fuel pump. This can be extremely dangerous, and your car should be examined by a professional immediately.

Failure of the high-pressure fuel pump in BMWs is caused by a variety of factors which include leaks in the injector pump, poor quality of oil, delay in changing the oil, solenoid failure among others.

Mike Johns Imports for your BMW’s needs

Choosing high-quality fuel for your engine is the most important step in keeping your fuel pump in great shape. Also, you should BMW High-Pressure Fuel Pump Repair get regular oil changes and avoid running your fuel tank too low, a low fuel tank exposes the fuel pump to a risk of overheating. However, this is a problem that is inevitable over time.

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