Expert Repair of Front Radiator Support Damage in your MINI in Jeffersonville

Mini Cooper Engine Overheating

Your MINI utilizes a front radiator to keep your engine cool. The radiator support holds the radiator and reservoir in place. This is made of plastic, steel, or aluminum. Since it is in the front of your car, the radiator support can be easily damaged if it makes contact with large road debris or if you sustain even a small front end collision, such as by bumping into a fence or fender.

The radiator has an important role to play by keeping the engine of your MINI from overheating. The coolant in your MINI Cooper circulates through the radiator, to the water pump, and into the engine. There, coolant absorbs the heat in the engine and returns back to the radiator. It passes through the radiator where a fan cools it down. Then it is recirculated thousands of times during your drive to ensure your engine is kept at optimal temperature to run efficiently.

If the radiator support becomes damaged, this function can be interrupted, causing engine issues. You may experience a coolant leak from inside the radiator, so if you’ve had front eng damage to your MINI recently, it is prudent to check for damage. Stop by Mike Johns Imports for a quick inspection. We will be transparent with our findings and advise you if there is a need for repairs. If there is no damage, you can drive your MINI with the confidence that your radiator support, and its cooling system, is in good condition.

Warning Signs of Radiator Support Damage

We’ve listed the most common signs that indicate your radiator support could be damaged:

Leaking coolant

Coolant leakage is a sign that something is wrong with your MINI Cooper’s cooling system. Coolant is usually a bright yellow, green, or pink liquid. This is done on purpose so car owners can see and smell the deliberately-sweet scent.  If you spot a colorful puddle underneath your MINI where you parked, your coolant is leaking.

Make sure to bring it to our professionals to check whether it is the radiator, its support system, a hose, or a problem in the engine block. A leak should be addressed immediately to prevent engine damage. Contact us at Mike Johns Imports as soon as possible. Our experts are ready to fix your front radiator support for you today.


If your MINI Cooper is constantly overheating, especially under normal driving conditions, this is one of the most common signs that the radiator is either damaged or the support has broken and dislodged the components. The radiator is the only part in your MINI that keeps the engine cool.

Knocking or Rattling Noises

You might begin to hear some rattling or knocking noises when driving your MINI that may be a result of a loose radiator or the front radiator support hitting other parts of the engine. If you are driving and you notice these noises with any of these other signs below, it is important to bring your MINI Cooper in for service at Mike Johns Imports. Even at the slightest of damage, if not properly checked or fixed, may increase in severity. This can cause serious damage to your MINI Cooper’s engine and unnecessary costs to your budget.

Top-Quality MINI Experts in Jeffersonville

Mike Johns Imports employs MINI certified and trained technicians who utilize state-of-the-art tools and equipment to Mini Cooper Front Radiator Support detect, diagnose, and fix any front radiator support issues your MINI might be experiencing. We will also replace your front radiator support if needed at a price that is within your budget.

We utilize only genuine cooling system components which will be installed by a Mini Cooper Master Technician. Make sure to visit MJI as your trustworthy destination for Mini Cooper cooling system repairs. Whether you are in Jeffersonville or any of the surrounding areas like Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, Louisville, St.Matthews, contact us at Mike Johns Imports at 2205 Dutch Lane in Jeffersonville, IN or give us a call at (812) 284-3791. We will repair your front radiator support damage quickly and affordably to get your MINI back on the road in its best condition. We look forward to earning your business.

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