Effects of a Faulty Radiator Fan in Your BMW

BMW Faulty Radiator Fan

In most modern vehicles, including your BMW, an electric cooling fan pulls air through the radiator in order to keep the engine cool. This process prevents the motor from overheating, which can lead to devastating consequences for your automobile. When your vehicle’s operating temperature reaches a certain point, a relay module will activate the radiator fan. This simple process is vitally important to the operation of your vehicle, yet it can experience malfunctions from time to time.

Symptoms of a Faulty Radiator Fan

Warning Lights Illuminate on the Dashboard

One of the first signs of trouble with any BMW issues will be the illumination of a specific warning light on your dash. In relation to the radiator fan, such warning lights may be the check engine light or the engine temperature alert. A radiator fan malfunction may even trigger the A/C warning light.

Engine overheats

A failing or non-working radiator fan can cause your motor to overheat. This is especially true when traveling at low speeds. At the first sign of overheating, you should immediately yet safely pull off to the side of the road. Turn off the engine. Any prolonged operation of your automobile during this trouble can cause catastrophic damage to the engine. The result may be expensive repair work or the need for a total engine replacement.

Warm air blows from the air conditioner

The radiator fan works with a condenser to remove heat from your air conditioning system. When the fan malfunctions, the condenser cannot perform this job on its own, thus leading to warm air instead of cold air coming from the A/C.

Cooling fans stay on at all times

While this is a less common symptom, it is one to take notice of immediately. If the cooling fan relay has an internal shortage, it can prevent the fan from shutting off at the proper time. At times, the fan may continue to run even after your BMW is shut off. This will drain the battery, adding to the growing list of problems you have in relation to the faulty radiator fan.

What Can Cause a Faulty Radiator Fan

There are a few factors that can lead to a faulty or malfunctioning radiator fan. The first is quite simple, but can have a problematic effect. If the fan is completely non-operational, a fuse may be blown. Another cause could be a faulty temperature sensor. If this sensor malfunctions, the proper signal will not be sent to the fan when it is needed to start blowing.

Old or faulty wiring can lead to fan issues as well. The wiring could have worn out due to prolonged heat exposure and would need to be replaced. Once this is done, your radiator fan would begin to function properly. Lastly, you may be experiencing an issue due to a low or inadequate coolant level. If the coolant in the reservoir is too low, the entire cooling fan operation will be compromised.

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