Does Your MINI Have Spark Plug Issues in Jeffersonville?

MINI Spark Plugs

Mini Coopers are among the most beloved cars made in the world today. There’s something about the compact yet luxurious experience that Mini Coopers give their drivers that turn them into Mini fans for life. They certainly are great automobiles, but they are not impervious to mechanical problems. It can be very upsetting when something goes awry with your beloved car, and it is important to be prepared just in case.

For you Mini owners out there, you should be made aware of a specific condition that your car can potentially be prone to. There have been a number of reports from Mini drivers about their spark plugs having issues; enough reports to warrant a warning to anyone driving a Mini Cooper. You don’t want to be caught unaware if you suddenly experience spark plug problems in your beloved Mini, so here’s what you should watch out for.

How Can A Spark Plug Fail?

Spark plugs are a very valuable part that aids in the ignition of the engine. The spark plug essentially harnesses the electricity that is created from the ignition coil and provides the so-called “spark” within the engine that creates power, which is created by the ignition of the air-fuel mixture.

As you probably have figured out already, you use the spark plug every time you drive your car in order to start it. They are therefore susceptible to high degrees of wear and tear over time. They may also eventually become jostled enough that they slowly disconnect from the engine coil, and are unable to transfer the electricity properly. Sometimes the parts in the spark plug gap become corroded and deteriorate, which would also cause a spark plug failure.

How to Tell if Your Spark Plug Is Failing

Since the spark plug is directly assisting the ignition of your car every time you start it, you will definitely notice that something is not right with the engine immediately. Your engine may struggle to start, and may not even start at all. The drivability of the automobile may also be affected by the spark plug failure. The engine may idle roughly or vibrate while in motion, creating a very uncomfortable and unsettling experience for those in the car.

Another sign to keep an eye out for is that the check engine light may come on upon ignition. These are all readily apparent symptoms of a failing spark plug, and if you experience any of these incidents in your Mini Cooper, you will need to take your car in for servicing immediately. It is sometimes possible to drive your car with spark plug issues, but you don’t want to procrastinate and let these issues get even worse. Leaving these types of minor problems unsettled will eventually result in a major catastrophe that will lead to you spending much more money than you initially would have had you just taken the car in for servicing in the first place.

What to Do When Your Spark Plug Fails

Mini Coopers offer the best combination of luxury and compact coziness on the car market today. There are Mini fan clubs the world over that share their unique vehicular configurations and customizable looks with each other. It can truly be a hobby MINI Spark Plug Issue Fixto own a Mini Cooper. However, this weakness of the spark plugs has to be kept in mind to ensure that your Mini Cooper does not develop more serious issues. This is where Mike Johns Imports comes into the picture.

The minute you discover that something has gone awry with your engine’s ignition system, you need to make an appointment with them to rectify the situation. Mike Johns Imports specializes in Mini Coopers, and they have been taking good care of Mini owners for decades now. Have a Mini Cooper that is having trouble starting? Do you live in the towns of Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, Louisville, St. Matthews, or Jeffersonville, IN? Bring your Mini down to our skilled technicians and let them allay your fears. The service you will get while you’re in the shop will keep you coming back for regular tune ups. Find out why we are so highly regarded today.

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