Common Reasons for Alternator Failure in Your BMW

BMW Alternator

Cars as reliable and trustworthy as BMW can only stay that way through proper maintenance and care when parts go bad. Fixing faulty parts can help your prevent issues under the hood that may crop up down the road. Maintenance is an all-around great way of ensuring the longevity of your vehicle.

Problems with a part as important as the alternator should be dealt with as soon as possible. A professional mechanic should be relied on to handle any repairs due to the seriousness of the potential issue. The alternator is a very important component under the hood that your vehicle would not be able to function without.

The Importance of the Alternator

Under the hood, your alternator is the reason all of your electrical components are able to work. Most people attribute the electricity in a vehicle to the battery, but the truth is that the battery essentially becomes useless after the car is started.

Essentially, the alternator in a vehicle is a generator. As the engine spins under the hood, a crank wheel near the alternator is activated which, when moved, results in energy being created. The alternator uses this energy to keep all the electric components of your car working properly. It even recharges your battery.

Without the alternator, the electrical components of your car could not last long. In fact, this is the reason your battery may die from accidentally leaving the headlights on overnight, since the alternator is not charging it.

Without the alternator, your car would have serious difficulties functioning, and the battery would not be able to maintain the level of electrical power required to start the engine. While the engine is responsible for moving the vehicle, your alternator ensures that all-electric components work, which is even more important with modern cars that have features such as digital dashboards.

Identifying problems with the alternator when they occur is the best way to stop future problems with the vehicle before they emerge.

Familiar Signs and Reason of a Dying Alternator

There are a number of reasons your alternator may have problems, but there are a few common signs and reasons when the alternator has gone bad:

Lagging Electrical Components

As mentioned, the alternator is responsible for powering most of the electrical components under the hood. Should your alternator have issues, the number one indicator that something may be wrong would be issues with the electrical components of your vehicle.

Foul Smell

If the belts of the alternator aren’t turning, a burning smell may arise as the friction heats up and an electrical fire is beginning. On the bright side, this sign will be easy to sense due to the pungent odor.

Battery Light On

Similar to the check engine light, the battery light on is part of a system that determines if something is wrong with the battery. This light may turn on if the car detects that something is amiss with the battery, and the alternator could almost certainly be the cause.

Computer Problems

One of the most common reasons for alternator issues is a problem with the onboard computer that controls the component. If your vehicle’s computer has a problem, the alternator may not work. Diagnosing this before it becomes a bigger issue should be your first priority, as a problem with your vehicle’s computer could result in additional problems to emerge.

Mike Johns Imports as Your Solution

At Mike Johns imports, we understand the importance of keeping the alternator on your BMW functioning. We have experience working with BMW Mechanic Changing Alternator clients from the areas around Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, Louisville, St. Matthews, and Jeffersonville, IN. This means we can solve whatever problem may arise and also maintain your BMW’s intricate systems so you don’t have to worry about issues surprising you down the road.

Don’t settle for vehicle problems when you can trust reliable professionals like ourselves to handle the problem in a quick and efficient manner. We hope you choose us to be the experts who get your car back to its former glory. Come in and visit us today or give us a call to schedule an appointment. We sincerely look forward to earning your business and patronage.

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