Warning Signs of an HVAC Blower Failure in Your BMW

BMW Poor Airflow From Air Vents

An HVAC air compressor is the component of the air conditioning system that distributes cool air into the vehicle from the heater, heating system, or cooling system. The air compressor forces the heated or cooled air through the ventilation system out to the cabin’s vents once the air has been heated or cooled.

An HVAC air compressor motor is installed in BMWs, and it is accountable …

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Tips From the Pros of Jeffersonville to Avoid a Thermostat Failure in a BMW

BMW Engine Overheat

The thermostat is a very crucial component of every vehicle. It is required for a vehicle’s proper functioning, and its absence significantly impacts your vehicle. A BMW’s thermostat detects and regulates temperature change in the engine by circulating coolant into and out of the engine compartment.

The thermostat has a valve that opens and closes to regulate the engine temperature to create a perfect running temperature for the bay. …

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Instrument Cluster Problem in a BMW

BMW Instrument Cluster Issue

BMW interiors are some of the most sought after in the vehicle industry. An instrument cluster is the features on a digital dashboard, located behind the steering wheel at the front of the car. This digital dashboard contains gauges and indicators that give more information to the driver about the status of the car. It is able to advise a driver about the speed of the car, level of

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How to Deal with a High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure in Your BMW

BMW Engine Stall

BMWs are designed with efficiency and high performance in mind, but they also have some specific problems in their different models that the owners commonly encounter. A typical problem that you can experience as a BMW owner is the failure of the high-pressure fuel pump.

The high-pressure fuel pump injects fuel into your car engine’s combustion chamber. Because of how the engine is built, failure of the fuel …

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Tips to Identify Transmission Leaks in Your BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series Transmission Issue

Leaking transmission fluid can occur internally in your BMW 3 Series or as an external leak that is evident by the fluid on the ground. In other instances, you may detect a transmission fluid leak in your BMW 3 Series, because the dashboard indicator light illuminates as a symbol of this occurrence.

Whatever method you use to detect a transmission leak in your BMW 3 Series, there are serious …

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The Leading Repair Shop in Jeffersonville for Tire Service for Your BMW

BMW 520d Wheel

BMW car owners are loyal to the brand because it has style, a high-performance engine, and exudes luxury.  Yet, these cars are not invincible.  If you’ve experienced your vehicle shake, shimmy, or vibrate while you are driving, it is an indicator that something is wrong with your wheels or tires. The first thing you should do is pull over to the side of the road when it …

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Leading Repair Shop in Jeffersonville for Changing the Oil of Your BMW

BMW Oil Change

If you want your BMW to remain the vision of luxury and class, you’ll want to make sure you are investing in regular vehicle maintenance. While routine automotive maintenance is important for any vehicle model, it is especially pertinent to the health and longevity of BMW models. Simple tasks like getting your oil changed regularly can make a world of difference in your BMW. It will allow your vehicle …

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The Importance of a Proper Oil Change for a BMW from Certified Mechanics in Jeffersonville

BMW Oil Change

Changing the oil in your BMW is one of the most basic car maintenance tasks that needs to be done. Although everyone needs to have their oil changed in their vehicles, this is sometimes a step that people skip or put off to later. A fresh and full reservoir of oil Is a vital ingredient to keep your car running like new. Without good oil in your vehicle, you may …

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How to Deal With Noises From the Steering Wheel of BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series Steering Wheel Noise

There are some common issues that all 5 Series owners need to deal with at some point. Chances are you may have experienced some already. An additional difficulty you may experience is problems with the steering column.

If you subscribe to factory-recommended maintenance, this problem is likely to be discovered by your mechanic doing routine service. However, if you notice any of the symptoms below, it is …

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How to Deal With Front Tension Strut Bushing Failure in a BMW

BMW Handling Issue

Your BMW is a high-powered, stylish car that is quite reliable to operate. Any owner of a BMW knows that the experience of driving this car is like no other vehicle. Though BMWs are not particularly prone to expensive problems, they can still sometimes fail. One problem that can occur with your BMW is failure of the front tension strut bushing.

This part of your car supports the suspension

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