Louisville’s Go-To Shop for BMW Windshield Replacement

When driving a BMW, you expect everything to be perfect and operating at a high level. As for your windshield, you need it to be clear and damage-free so that you can drive with confidence and not worry about further damages or safety hazards related to your windshield. At Mike Johns Imports, we help BMW owners all throughout the Louisville area maintain and repair their windshields so they can focus on enjoying their car the way it was made to be.

Your BMW Experts

At Mike Johns Imports, our technicians have decades of experience working with BMW vehicles and that level of knowledge and care pays off when it comes to any issues with your car. When it comes to damages with your windshield, we offer the same high level of service & repairs we’ve built our reputation on. Our windshield specialist has over 20 years of experience with BMW vehicles and handle common issues including:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Breaks