Most Trusted BMW, Mercedes, & MINI Brake Repair & Service Center in Jeffersonville

Anyone who’s driven a BMW, Mercedes, or MINI vehicle knows that they have some of the best braking systems in the world. No system can operate forever without failures and your car’s brakes are certainly not an exception. It’s important to stay on top of recommended brake service schedules and to also make the necessary repairs as needed in order to preserve your safety as well as the smoothness and quality of your drive. At Mike Johns Imports our mechanics have years of experience working exclusively with BMW, Mercedes, and MINI models and help drivers all throughout the Louisville area take better care of their car’s brakes.

Quality Brake Care & Service

At Mike Johns Imports our mechanics work closely with you to find whatever may be causing the issues you’re experiencing with your brakes including:

  • Brake pad replacements
  • Brake drum repairs
  • Damaged rotors
  • Leaking fluid

Our shop features all of the latest available tools and equipment and we also have many of the needed replacement parts always in stock meaning we can get the repairs done faster than dealerships and other shops that have you wait for parts to be delivered and pay expensive
shipping costs. We also guarantee all our parts and services with a 2- year/24,000 mile warranty to further ensure your satisfaction.

Take Care of Your Brakes Today

No matter what situations you may find yourself in out on the road you have to be sure that your brake system is operating at peak performance. At Mike Johns Imports our mechanics have years of experience working with BMW, Mercedes, and MINI vehicles and will closely check and inspect your car’s brakes to ensure it receives all of the proper service it needs. We help drivers all throughout areas such as:

If you’re noticing warning signs or symptoms for your brakes or would simply like to schedule an appointment for preventative maintenance please call or visit our shop today. Our mechanics are here to help take better care of your car so you can focus on enjoying the high performance you expect.