Effects of a Faulty Radiator Fan in Your BMW

BMW Faulty Radiator Fan

In most modern vehicles, including your BMW, an electric cooling fan pulls air through the radiator in order to keep the engine cool. This process prevents the motor from overheating, which can lead to devastating consequences for your automobile. When your vehicle’s operating temperature reaches a certain point, a relay module will activate the radiator fan. This simple process is vitally important to the operation of your …

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Does Your MINI Have Spark Plug Issues in Jeffersonville?

MINI Spark Plugs

Mini Coopers are among the most beloved cars made in the world today. There’s something about the compact yet luxurious experience that Mini Coopers give their drivers that turn them into Mini fans for life. They certainly are great automobiles, but they are not impervious to mechanical problems. It can be very upsetting when something goes awry with your beloved car, and it is important to be prepared just in …

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When Should You Replace the Fuel Injector in Your BMW?

BMW Fuel Injector

When you own a car like a BMW, you will want to make sure that you are properly maintaining and taking care of the vehicle. When spending the kind of money you do on a BMW, you want to make sure that you are getting the best out of it. Very often, owners will not take care of their car and will be frustrated when it runs poorly or …

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Vacuum Hose Leaks in Your MINI at Jeffersonville

MINI Vacuum Hose Leak

A vacuum hose is a rubber connection that is found in modern fuel-injected engines that makes it possible for the car’s computer system to get information that communicates the condition of the engine. It provides a vacuum to the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor, which measures the manifold pressure. The information from the vacuum hose is used to regulate the amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber as …

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Why Is Your BMW’s Engine Overheating?

BMW Engine Overheating

When you purchase a vehicle like a BMW, it is completely natural to expect that your car will experience fewer problems than others. BMW is known for designing luxury vehicles that are well made and durable. Should you ever experience any problems with your car, it is normal to be frustrated. Even cars as wonderful as a BMW are not completely resistant to malfunctions from time to time. However, …

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What to Do About PCV Failure in Your BMW


A BMW represents the pinnacle of high-quality German Engineering. With advanced, forward-thinking technology, and stringent manufacturing process, a BMW makes the perfect vehicle for anyone who settles for nothing but the best.

However, even the most supreme of cars will have issues at sometime in their lifespan, given time and use. In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at the PCV valve in your BMW, finding out what …

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How to Deal With a Bad Radiator Support in Your Mini in Louisville

MINI Overheat

The Mini Cooper is a much-loved vehicle that has a reputation for being made well and a safe car for people to own. Since 2000, the Mini has been owned by BMW and they have been able to add a lot to the overall performance of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, even a car like the Mini Cooper can start to malfunction, especially if it is not properly cared for. It is …

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Rough Running Issues in Your BMW or Mini after an Oil Change? Possible VVT Damage

Car Oil Change

Non approved Oil Filters and Incorrect installation

You can avoid some issues by making sure you are properly taking care of your vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer, but some issues may be unavoidable as the car begins to age. We have seen many failures caused by quick change oil stops using low quality oil filters and incorrect techniques. When a non-approved oil filter is used contamination that is supposed …

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