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MINI Gear Change Issue

Mini Cooper is known for balancing fuel efficiency with performance and design, and more often than not, the Mini brand delivers on its promises. This quality in manufacturing does not mean drivers can shirk their duties when it comes to regular maintenance, especially if repairs are needed. The automatic transmission in your Mini is a system that will need your attention. Let’s look at some of the common signs of transmission failure and discuss what you can do to avoid the pitfalls of a transmission breakdown.

Your Transmission System At a Glance

Your transmission is a complex system made up of many moving parts that produce a lot of friction. This friction causes natural wear and tear over time. The primary components of an automatic transmission include:

  • Control system: This is a computer which directs electrical current and handles shift points.
  • Hydraulics: This is the tube system that carries fluids to the clutches and bands, which control the gear sets.
  • Torque converter: This allows the vehicle to come to a stop while in gear.
  • Planetary gear sets: Gears in a system of interconnecting rings; unlike in a manual, they don’t physically move.

Signs of Transmission Failure

We’ve put together the most common warning signs of problems with your Mini’s transmission. If you suspect your transmission is in need of inspection, bring it to your trusted mechanic for diagnostic testing.

Leaking Fluid

If you’re leaking fluid, your Mini may have a crack or puncture somewhere in the hydraulics system. This should be checked out immediately, as your vehicle will not be able to run without hydraulic fluid in the transmission system.

Delay or Difficulty in Shifting Gears

If your gears are not engaging immediately from drive to park, this is a good indication of transmission issues. Likewise, if your vehicle is having trouble shifting gears while driving, this indicates an issue in your transmission’s hydraulics system. If you notice jarring or shuddering when you try to shift gears, your transmission definitely needs a little TLC.

Something’s Burning

If there’s a burning smell that can’t be attributed to other factors such as oil or brakes, this could be your transmission fluid overheating, which means the system is running too hot.

Gear Slippage

If your vehicle automatically slips into a lower gear or into neutral as you try to accelerate, this is probably caused by low transmission fluid levels. Your Mini should be checked out by a certified mechanic immediately. Gear slippage is a hazard for you and everyone else on the road and should never be ignored, regardless of the cause.

Noises in Neutral

Clunking, tapping, banging, or whining noises while you’re in neutral coasting to a stop or preparing to accelerate are strong indicators of transmission issues. These noises are also frequently caused by low levels of transmission fluid, as parts are banging together due to the lack of lubrication.

Overheated Engine

When your transmission fails, extra stress will be added to almost all other parts of your engine. This will eventually lead to an overheated engine if the issues are not quickly caught.

Transmission Maintenance

The best way to maintain your transmission at working standards is to flush your line on your vehicle’s schedule or once a year. This process works by flushing all of your transmission fluid from your vehicle by running a combination of cleaning solutions and new transmission fluid through, which pushes out any settled debris as well as any burned transmission fluid.

If your transmission fluid flushes out black instead of red, your transmission needs further inspection and maintenance and possibly a replacement, as black transmission fluid is a sign that something more serious is wrong with your system.

Causes of Transmission Failure

Mini Coopers run low to the ground, which makes them more susceptible to rough-riding wear and tear over time, especially when off-roading or frequently driving roads with a lot of potholes.

If your transmission fluid runs low, your vehicle will be unable to apply pressure where it’s needed as your car switches gears. If your transmission fluid runs low or thick and is not flushed frequently enough, this will cause extra wear on your transmission over time, which will ultimately cause it to fail faster.

Mike Johns Imports Can Help

If you suspect your Mini is experiencing the MINI Transmission Repair symptoms of transmission failure, it’s critical to see a mechanic immediately, as the damage to the engine from running on a bad transmission can compound exponentially. If this is the case, stop by Mike Johns Imports for an inspection and diagnostic testing.

Mike Johns Imports services the areas of Crestwood, Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, Louisville, St. Matthews, and Jeffersonville, IN, for all auto import needs, including the transmission on your Mini Cooper. Call or stop by to see us today.

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