What To Do If Your MINI Has Drifting Issues

Mini Cooper Car

Your MINI is designed for safety, reliability, and fun for the driver behind the wheel. It is also engineered to keep you in your proper lane while driving. Your steering column, wheels, tires, and suspension all play major roles in how you control your vehicle. If anything in this system begins to malfunction, it can cause your car to drift.

If your car is drifting

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Common Issues with a BMW’s Water Pump in Jeffersonville

BMW Engine Overheating

The water pump is an important component in a BMW’s cooling system. Its function is to circulate water & coolant throughout the engine, keeping it operating at optimal temperatures. However, water pumps can fail over time, causing a number of issues for drivers. When your water pump fails, your engine will suffer. Let’s look closer at the signs of a water pump problem and discuss the common causes.…

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