Why Should You Change Your MINI’s Engine Oil at Regular Intervals?

MINI Engine Oil Change

Many drivers know to keep their engine oil topped up, but many don’t think about the benefits of changing it out entirely after regular intervals.

While MINIs are well-known and well-regarded as some of the most reliable cars on the market, even this pocket powerhouse isn’t immune to the consequences of neglected engine oil. Let’s look at why engine oil is so important and why changing it out at regular …

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How Can You Detect Water Pump Issues in a Mini Cooper?

Mini Cooper Water Pump

With their signature size and style, MINI Coopers are dynamic vehicles that can benefit from consistent and thorough automotive care. As a member of the BMW vehicle family, MINI Coopers combine first-class engineering with meticulous maintenance standards. Learning how to recognize warning signs of frequently-occurring issues in MINIs can help you keep your vehicle in a condition that will run for a lifetime. Water pump malfunctions can be a problem …

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